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Prime Video has a fairly robust collection of action movies, which is both a plateful and a problem for fans of the genre. After all, with so many productions, it’s really hard to decide what to watch — especially when all we want is to just turn off our brains and enjoy some explosions, some chases and maybe a brawl between brucutus.

The good thing is that the platform has a good number of quality movies, those that boost your adrenaline just by watching and make you want to imitate the heroes’ adventures — you just have to look hard to find these gems that, depending on the good will of the algorithm, they end up hidden among not-so-good suggestions.

That way, to help you save time and have an accurate aim like Bruce Willis at the time To choose what to watch,

Canaltech has listed the best action movies for you to watch streaming from Amazon.

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. 13 Hours: The Soldiers Secrets of Benghazi

Some people don’t like Michael Bay’s directing style — a lot because of the series

Transformers — but there’s no denying that he knows how to make a good action movie when he leaves the giant robots aside and focuses on humans in more believable situations. AND 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a good example of this.

Based on real events, the film tells the story of the terrorist attack carried out to the US diplomatic complex in the city of Benghazi, Libya, in 2010. Thus, a group of military personnel was deployed to the site to rescue agents and employees who were trapped there—all within a period of 10 hours, as the title suggests.

Released in 2016, The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi was one of the films that helped bring actor John Krasinski into action cinema, taking away from him the comedy image he built in the series The Office — and that’s enough see him as a huge military to see how well he managed this transformation.

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9. Adrenaline

It gets so out of hand in the movie that Jason Statham starts doing some crazy things to keep his adrenaline level high (Image: Press Release/Lions Gate Films)

Remember the classic

Maximum Speed , where a bus couldn’t stop because of a bomb that would explode if it stopped? Now imagine that same concept replacing the vehicle with a person. Well then, this is Adrenaline, one of the films that raised the brucutu Jason Statham to stardom.

In the film, the character de Statham receives a type of poison in his body that will kill him if his heart beats at a rate considered to be normal. So he needs to keep his adrenaline level always high to stay alive — and the way he’s found to do that is to go after whoever did this to him. The result is a fight of the best quality and without a single minute of breath.

8. The War of Tomorrow

Amazon knows as well that action cinema is vital to Hollywood who made a point of ordering an exclusive to boost its streaming. And

The War of Tomorrow is one of those forays. Riding on the popularity of Chris Pratt (of Guardians of the Galaxy) and with a concept very similar to recent Tom Cruise movies, the feature blends sci-fi very well. with rampant action to deliver a very interesting story.

In the plot, soldiers from the future come to the present to ask for help: humanity is losing the battle against aliens in496471 and needs more soldiers to ensure the safety of our planet. And that’s when Pratt abandons his ordinary life and joins the army that will fight in this war that is yet to happen.

7. Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Over the past few years, two names represent action cinema very well: The Fast and the Furious and The Rock. And what happens when we join these two? Well, brucutu decides to take over the franchise and creates a spin-off just so he can be the protagonist and can smack whoever he wants. Can it be better?

All kidding aside, the story behind

Hobbs & Shaw is basically the same. Dwayne Johnson participated in some movies of the series, but decided it was his turn to shine among the big cars, called Jason Statham and the two went after Idris Elba, who is a genetically modified international criminal. The result of this combination is so much adrenaline and testosterone that you get stronger just watching it all.

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6. Dredd

Dredd is one of those low-budget movies that came out rather shyly in theaters, didn’t make much fanfare, but everyone who watched it went crazy with the action offered. Based on the classic comic book — the same one that inspired Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd movie — it doesn’t skimp on violence and still delivers a very good story.

The plot revolves around a futuristic city taken by violence and Dredd is a responsible elite policeman who needs to arrest a drug dealer who hides on top of a building. Then he basically needs to get to the top as people want to kill him step by step. Speaking like that, it may sound silly, but it’s sensational.

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    5. The Expendables

    Who lived the years 1980, the heyday of Brucutu action cinema, always dreamed of seeing a film that puts Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li and every other star in the genre to fall for the punch. And this only happened in 2012 with the franchise Mercenaries.

    History is far from being a prime — a group of mercenaries needs to break into a South American republic to overthrow their dictator — , but the simple fact that we have this classic cast together exchanging blows and shots makes it worth it. And the sequel is even better, although it’s not available on Prime Video.

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    4. John Wick: Back to the Game

  • Let’s be honest: no one knows Back to the Game by the title that was given to him here in Brazil, since everyone just calls the movie John Wick. And this is really a name that deserves to be known and remembered, as the franchise starring Keanu Reeves was one of the biggest surprises in action cinema and achieved the feat of being a modern classic when everyone thought the style was no longer capable. to bring nothing new.

    The highlight here is precisely the excellent work with the fights, which are very well choreographed. Director Chad Stahelski has been a stuntman for a long time, so he knows better than anyone how to stage a smack and make it sound realistic. So the whole John Wick brawling is eye-opening—even if the reason for the breakup is to get revenge for his dog’s death.

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    3. The Dragon’s Flight

    Prime Video has an excellent catalog from oriental productions, with emphasis on the filmography of Bruce Lee, the legendary actor and kung fu fighter who still occupies our imagination when it comes to martial arts. Thus, there is no way to talk about an action movie without mentioning at least one work by this master of Chinese brawling.

    Andthe flight of the dragon is one of his most famous productions and has Lee facing none other than the Italian mafia. This puts him in the crosshairs of criminals, who even send Chuck Norris to kill him. More classic than that, impossible.