10 curiosities of Austin Abrams, alleged new boyfriend of Lili Reinhart

9 curiosities of Austin Abrams, Lili Reinhart’s supposed new boyfriend

Lili Reinhart suffered a 2020 in various aspects, but the main one was her break with actor, Cole Sprouse. Although they separated at the beginning of that year, they did not confirm it until August. The actress confessed to having anxiety and depression After that.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse parted ways in 2020.

Cole Sprouse got a girlfriend again, with whom he was seen in March of the current 2021. The fortune is called Ari Fournier, She is a model of well-known brands and she is 22 years old. She even made friends with Clara Berry, girlfriend and future mother of the son of KJ Apa, Sprouse’s castmate.

The unknown is what is Lili Reinhart’s current romantic situation. In recent days, the 24-year-old actress posted a portrait of her on Instagram, captured by her colleague Austin Abrams. This opened thousands of speculations about a possible romance between the two.

Let’s remember that Abrams is recognized as an actor by the movies ‘Paper cities’ and ‘A singular dad’ and the series ‘Dash & Lily’. In the film ‘Chemical Hearts’ It was where he met Reinhart. Today we will show you 10 curiosities of Austin Abrams.

Austin Abrams worked on ‘Chemical Hearts’ with Lili Reinhart.

1. Same sign as Lili Reinhart

Austin Abrams is from Virgo: was born on September 2, 1996. For her part, Lili Reinhart on September 13, 1996.

2. Your height

How tall is Austin Abrams? 1.71 cm.

3. You don’t like to show your life publicly

Austin Abrams does not have social networks. In an interview for Help He said he was not interested in showing his life to others. Doing interviews talking about yourself also seems scary to him.

4. Actor “good guy”

He always plays a good boy role. For example, in ‘Chemical Hearts’ she plays Henry Page, a teenage student who considers himself a hopeless romantic, although he never fell in love.

The young man aspires to be editor of the institute newspaper and lives happily focused on his studies to get into a good university … until the young woman Grace Town enter your class. His new partner is not exactly the girl of his dreams, but little by little he falls in love with her when the two are chosen to edit the high school newspaper. However, he does not know the secret that he keeps and must help her fight it.

Discover 9 interesting curiosities about Austin Abrams.

5. Got advice from a former member of The Jonas Brothers

In ‘Dash & Lily’, Austin Abrams received advice from the singer and actor himself Nick Jonas, who is also the producer of the series Netflix.

6. Fascinating tastes

In an interview for Insider, Austin Abrams confesses that what he likes most about New York are go clubs de jazz.

7. Hidden talents

He plays guitar and has a piano, but he flatly denies sharing his music or the songs he wrote.

8. Family

Their parents are doctors. It was his mother who supported him in the artistic decision to dedicate himself to the world of interpretation.

9. With distant wishes

Austin Abrams never went to college and confesses that a part of him is sad because he would have liked to learn something different too.

10. Role Models

Among its references are Heath Ledger, Adam Driver, Daniel Kaluuya y Ryan Gosling, as explained to Help.


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10 curiosities of Austin Abrams, alleged new boyfriend of Lili Reinhart