10 Best Healthcare Stocks Under $20 According to Michael Castor’s Sio Capital

In this article, we discuss the 10 best healthcare stocks under $20 according to Michael Castor’s Sio Capital. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of Castor’s history, investment philosophy, and hedge fund performance, go directly to 5 Best Healthcare Stocks Under $20 According to Michael Castor’s Sio Capital. Michael Castor serves as the … Read more

You need to watch the most gonzo sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime ASAP

James Gunn is more twisted than you might realize. Long before making his mark on mainstream superhero cinema with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films — which hold up, by the way, as that franchise’s most nutty, endearing entries — the filmmaker got his start at Troma Entertainment, studying under schlock-horror tycoon Lloyd Kaufman. It … Read more

It has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and follows a modern Nordic style of decoration – Para Ti Magazine

The Beckhams’ eldest son and his fiancee bought a spectacular property in the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood, at a value of almost 8.5 million euros. It is super modern and has incredible views full of greenery as well as multiple amenities such as swimming pool, cinema and yoga room, gym and sauna. Do we walk … Read more

10 Games Fans Of The Matrix Should Play

Creators of The Matrix (no longer a trilogy, since The Matrix 4 trailer dropped), the Wachowski sisters are well-known to be furious consumers of pop culture. Shiny Entertainment’s Dave Perry, who led development of both Enter The Matrix and The Matrix: Path Of Neo, once told IGN that the Wachowskis “seemed to have seen every … Read more

After the success of Netflix Midnight Mass, other outstanding horror and religion fictions

Midnight Mass, one of Netflix’s hits, is gradually becoming a benchmark in the horror subgenre linked to certain religious aspects. Its story centers on a town that is altered after the arrival of a mysterious priest who brings with him supposed miracles. The appearance of a portrait of Francisco in the house of one of … Read more

Warriors happy to have Klay Thompson back

SAN FRANCISCO – Golden State Warriors swingman Klay Thompson is beginning to look more like his old basketball self in the midst of his rehab from a torn right Achilles tendon. Participating in his first official team practice since sustaining the injury in an offseason training on November 18, 2020, Thompson took shots all over … Read more

‘Hereditary’ or “the best horror film of the past decade”

‘Hereditary’ or “the best horror film of the past decade” Thanks, A24! Fortunately today we have a studio that doesn’t make more ordinary movies, formulaic, commercial ones (obviously commercial cinema is not bad, only that there is a certain study that abuses its films that always have the same formula, you know which one I … Read more

Diego Boneta stars in Monster Hunter with Milla Jovovich

Diego Boneta plays Marshall, a member of the unit in charge of fighting various monsters, commanded by Mila Jovovich (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment) (CNN Español) – Mexican actor Diego Boneta returns to Zona Pop CNN, this time he talks about his participation in the film “Monster Hunter” in which he shares the screen … Read more

Netflix: All series premiered in September 2021 – Series News

The first part of the last season of ‘La casa de papel’, ‘Midnight Mass’ and the new installment of ‘Lucifer’ arrive this month on the ‘streaming’ platform along with more fictions. In September, the endings of two of the streaming platform’s flagship series arrive on Netflix. On the one hand, the first half of the … Read more