5 things we have not been able to see in the Spiderman of the MCU

Five aspects that so far we have not seen in the Spiderman movies in the MCU and that I would have liked to see

Tom Holland’s Spiderman has given us wonderful moments in the cinema, but in my opinion it lacks certain details that I personally miss. Here are five of the most striking; apparently in the tráiler Spider-Man: No way home, one of them will be echoed in the new movie, but I suspect not how I would like

The importance of Ben Parker

Uncle’s death Ben, caused a thief who Peter He did not want to stop when he had the opportunity, he taught the young man Parker the lesson that with great power comes great responsibility, a mantra that has accompanied him throughout his editorial existence. We can accept the fact that the origins of Spiderman They are well known to the public (although something similar happens with Bruce Wayne’s parents and we have already seen them die a few times), but the logical thing is that the films made some direct mention of the tragic event, instead of tiny references that the less savvy will have overlooked.

It’s true that somehow Tony Stark has assumed a paternal role with him Spiderman of the UCMbut we all know what the real reason is Peter start to be a hero and it is something that had not been omitted from the screen since the days of Nicholas Hammond.

May Parker’s Frailty

From the series of Nicholas Hammond until the movies of Andrew Garfield, going through the trilogy of Tobey Maguire, the alter ego of Spiderman has always had an elderly aunt, as in the comics, whose health could be quite worrying, whether it was played by Jeff Donnell, Irene Tedrow, Rosemary Harris O Sally Field.

However, in the UCM, we have one May Parker who seems to have drunk from the fountain of eternal youth, which has achieved that fans are no longer interested in his state of health but in how to get his phone number to ask for an appointment.

We already commented, at the time, that Kevin Feige promised that we would see on the big screen how May Parker He guessed the secret identity of his nephew and, indeed, ten years later, we were able to see him in the movies. However, it would have been far more shocking with an elderly aunt, whose health could seriously suffer from such a discovery, than with a woman with the appearance of Marisa Tomei.

May on the brink of death

The bully Flash Thompson

Although the passing of the years led him to change his attitude, the greatest hobby of Flash Thompson, in his student days, it was to make life impossible for Peter Parker, something that we have been able to see in the franchises of Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, thanks to the work of Joe Manganiello and Chris Zylka, respectively. However, in the UCM, this character is played by Tony Revolori, an actor who, although we see him mess with Peter, is light years away from representing the Flash bully that we all would have liked to see on the screen.

Nor is it like sending him death threats, which is said to be what happened when it was announced that he would be in charge of bringing the character to life, but there is no doubt that they could have made a much better choice.

Flash Thompson

The love triangle between Peter Parker, Betty Brant and Ned Leeds

See to Peter Parker selling photos for him Daily Bugle, something that has happened in all previous incarnations (although in an underhanded way in the case of Andrew Garfield), it seems less and less likely to happen in the UCM. Therefore, we will miss a lot of classic situations from the original comic, which would make for a complete article, so here we will focus on the sentimental part.

Betty Brant, interpreted by Elizabeth Banks, had already appeared in the arachnid franchise of Sam Raimi, but, until this new version, we had never seen Ned Leeds on the big screen.

However, the possibility of using these characters to carry out the love triangle we saw in the comics is ruined by turning them into classmates of Peter and do what Betty and Ned look like Gwen Stacy and Ganke Lee, respectively. Besides, we don’t even see the young man Parker be minimally interested in the girl, since he prefers to go after Michelle Jones, which does not remind us at all of Mary Jane Watson, no matter how hard they try to get us to go through the hoop.

Love triangle

Spiderman’s greatest villains

The trailer for Spider-Man: No wat home has shown us something that until now I was missing in the Spiderman films in the MCU and it is a confrontation with two of his great enemies: Green Goblin and the Doctor Octopus.

While the arachnid franchise starring Tobey Maguire has shown both characters (with William Dafoe as the alter ego of Green Goblin and Alfred Molina In the role of Otto Octavius) and in the two films of Andrew Garfield we have been able to see one of them (since Chris Cooper got into the skin of Norman Osborn, although it was his son Harry, embodied by Dane DeHaan, who wore the clothes of the Green Goblin) and the arrival of the other was prepared, Tom Holland until this last installment you will have the opportunity to face these two icons of the Spiderman universe, perhaps even with the Sinister six.

Although the trailer gave us this great surprise in the villains gallery, I will still need the personal stories of the villains, how they were created, their arc that led them to be a villain who wants to kill the arachnid, since at least Seen in the trailer we already have established villains that will only serve for fights, but not to build the link with Spiderman or Peter Parker.

Norman Osborn y Otto Octavius

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5 things we have not been able to see in the Spiderman of the MCU