6 series that were canceled and that Netflix rescued

Fans of ‘Manifest’ have been praying all summer that Netflix will give the series a new season, canceled by NBC at the end of the third. If this were to finally happen, it would join ‘Lucifer’ or ‘La casa de papel’ as the few fictions that the platform has brought back from the dead.

By Marina Such – 06 Aug 2021

Since it entered the American Netflix catalog, Manifest It has become one of its most watched series, something that gave its fans hope that the platform could rescue it and produce a fourth season after its original network, NBC, decided to cancel it. The chances of that happening have cooled in recent weeks, but his case would not be original if he finally managed to resurrect.

Netflix has stood out for producing revivals of old fictions that were working well in his catalog (case of Gilmore girls O Forced mothers, which continued Forced parents) and that has also been extended to some that ended up being canceled by the channels that broadcast them in the first place, leaving them incomplete on the platform. Netflix has come to the rescue of these six, and some have even increased in popularity by becoming exclusive to the Red N.

‘The Killing’

AMC canceled ‘The Killing’ in its second season.

The Killing (remake of a Danish series of the same title) was among the first to be revived by Netflix. Did it after AMC would terminate it at the end of the second season and after a bitter controversy with critics and the public because it did not solve the case of the murder of Rosie Larsen after its first installment. The production of the third (which had a new investigation) was shared between AMC and Netflix and the fourth was already exclusive to the platform. It is the series that introduced Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos.


Tom Ellis has risen to fame as Lucifer.
Tom Ellis has risen to fame as Lucifer. / John P. Fleenor (Netflix)

The example of Lucifer it is probably the most successful of all. During his first three seasons on FOX, he gradually gained a very faithful following for his sense of humor and the construction of the dynamics between all his characters, but that was not enough to survive longer on free-to-air television. That’s where Netflix entered the fray, recently premiered its fifth season and that will give you a close on the sixth.

‘Cobra Kai’

Ralph Macchio y William Zabka en Cobra Kai
Ralph Macchio y William Zabka en Cobra Kai

The sequel to Karate Kid is one of the last to become a 100% Netflix original. Cobra Kai was born as an original YouTube production, being his first own fiction. However, by the time it aired its second season, the web had decided to abandon that line of business with the third installment already shot, so its production company, Sony, sold it to Netflix with the promise of a renewal for a fourth. This one will be released in December.

‘The Money Heist’

Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) holding one of "her best friends" in 'The paper house'.
Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) holding one of “her best friends” in ‘La casa de papel’.

When Antena 3 broadcast the first two parts of The Money Heist, it was not anywhere near the worldwide phenomenon that it became when it entered the Netflix catalog. The success were so wild (it was the fiction in a language other than English most viewed on the platform), that the red N decided to keep it as his exclusive title. This is how it will end its journey with a fifth season that will begin to be seen this fall. Ah, his path followed him too Paquita Salas and, to a lesser extent, Toy Boy, since its second season is shared between Antena 3 and Netflix.

‘Designated successor’

Kiefer Sutherland, in 'Designated Successor'.
Kiefer Sutherland, in ‘Designated Successor’.

Kiefer Sutherland and political conspiracies. Those were the weapons of Designated successor on ABC, where it aired two seasons. Netflix rescued her for one more installment, but viewing expectations were not met and the series did not go beyond there. And besides, they joined that problems in negotiating contracts with stakeholders; that a fiction goes from a generalist in open to a platform of streaming implies different clauses in such contracts.

‘Arrested Development’

An image from the fifth season of 'Arrested Development'.
An image from the fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’. / Saeed Adyani (Netflix)

In case of Arrested Development It’s a bit of a hybrid between rescue and revival years after the end. At the time, the quirky Bluth family-centric comedy had three cult seasons on FOX, which was canceled in 2006. Seven years later, Netflix gave Mitch Hurwitz carte blanche to bring the series back with a somewhat structured fourth season. peculiar, since the commitments of its actors prevented them from filming many scenes together. I would still have a fifth installment on the platform.


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6 series that were canceled and that Netflix rescued