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Once again we come to the weekend wanting to see good productions. Here we leave you our recommendations.

No matter how bad the week has been, there is something that never fails: Friday always arrives and, with it, the weekend. Again, we have several days off to dedicate to what we like to do the most and, since the quarantine has limited our options, one of the best plans is to turn on the television and choose a good series or movie.

Fortunately, the entertainment offer is almost infinite, since new titles are released every week on the different streaming platforms, and for this reason we have made a selection of what we like the most. You can choose from a series that will make you fall in love with classical music, one of the best Spanish thrillers or classics that never fail.

So that everyone can enjoy these recommendations, we have divided them into several platforms. Therefore, it does not matter if you have Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Movistar +, Disney + or none of the above and yours is more traditional television, here you will find something for you.

‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’: Sadness and the ‘cute’

Thomas Andres

Why do I recommend it? If there is a country that is a standard bearer of the most bizarre and disconcerting things that one can see from the sofa at home, that is Japan. A good example of this is on the Netflix platform: series like Beastars O Assassination Classroom, give a good account of it. However, there is also an anime different from anything we have known before: Rilakkuma and Kaoru. Born from the idea of ​​’kawaii’ characters (something like adorable in Japanese language) created by Aki Kondo, this fiction consists of a season of 13 episodes, with an average duration of 12 minutes per chapter. In it, we meet a young Japanese woman who lives with three adorable stuffed animals – two bears and a chicken – with whom she interacts on a daily basis, even though only she can see them. And here is the core of the theme of this series: why should a girl in her late twenties make up some imaginary friends? To fight loneliness.

Don’t be fooled by its adorable stop-motion animation -which may recall children’s series like Fireman Sam or Pingu the Penguin- Rilakkuma y Kaoru It is an anime for adults. Using the aforementioned adorable creatures as an excuse, we are facing a fiction that deals with themes such as monotony, routine work, loneliness or maturity. In the end, it ends up touching your heart and you are left with an inevitable feeling of heartbreak. Japan – as a good capitalist society – is full of families, but also people who live completely alone. Many of these live in isolation, without someone to turn to when they want to disconnect or have a good time. It is worth thinking about what personal relationships should derive when we overcome the pandemic (if one day we do it at all).

You will like it if… You are looking for an anime different from anything you have seen before

Where to see it? Netflix

‘Mozart in the Jungle’: Classical music for ‘dummies’

Sara heredia

Why do I recommend it? Because it’s a sweet story halfway between comedy and drama with a handful of characters that are hard to get rid of. Mozart in the Jungle is an Amazon original series created by Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Alex Timbers, and Paul Weitz that revolves around classical music. But don’t be scared. Here you will not find uptight gentlemen, women with pearl necklaces and strict protocol, quite the opposite. The series is based on the memoirs of Blair Tindall, an oboist who gutted the world of symphony orchestras in a fun and close way. Actually, the lives of orchestral musicians are closer to that of rock stars than we think.

The efforts of Hailey (Lola Kirke), the protagonist, to gain a foothold as an oboist, her peculiar relationship with conductor Rodrigo de Souza (Gael García Bernal) and the different characters that make up the New York Philharmonic will make you see Bach, Schubert or Chopin with different eyes.

You will like it if… You enjoy music, whatever it is, you like light but solid comedies or you want to see a beautiful love story. There is something for everyone.

Where to see it: Amazon Prime Video

‘Avengers: Endgame’: Blow out the candles

Andrea Zamora placeholder image

Why do I recommend it? A year ago, one of the most anticipated outcomes hit theaters. Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the team of superheroes that Marvel fans had been enjoying since 2008 with the premiere of Iron Man. And what better way to remember it than to watch the movie again, directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, in Disney +. The direct sequel to Infinity War served as the closing for characters such as Tony Stark, Steve Rogers / Captain America and Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow – although from the latter we will learn more about his past with his solo prequel film Black Widow – and features moments that have remained forever etched in the minds of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Sentinel of Freedom raising the Mjölnir, the sacrifice of the Russian spy in Vormir, the snapping of the fingers of the Armored Avenger, the journey back in time to the battle of New York against the Chitauri…. And, of course, the long-awaited and promised dance between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. But if there is a scene in which my hair stood on end in the cinema, it was the return through the portals created by Doctor Strange and his faithful companion Benedict Wong of all those who disappeared at the snap of Thanos … Followed by that “Avengers, gather” from Captain America! How good we could use a Time Gem or a few tubes of Pym Particles to re-experience, for the first time again, the viewing of Avengers: Endgame. Happy Birthday!

You will like it if… You are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you want, as a personal tribute, to remember the end of the original Avengers story.

Where to see it: Disney+

‘El Niño’: An intrepid thriller about drug trafficking thanks to the Strait of Gibraltar

Warrior Custodian

Why do I recommend it? If you are one of the people who loved it Cell 211, El Niño can easily be your movie too. Also directed by Daniel Monzón, the film revolves around the world of drug trafficking that occurs in the Strait of Gibraltar. On the one hand, we have two boys who enter this world to earn money and on the other we have Luis Tosar and Bárbara Lennie, police officers who will do whatever it takes to end this drug network that occurs thanks to the few kilometers that separate Spain from Africa.

You will like it if… You are a fan of fearless thrillers.

Where to see it: In Cuatro on Saturday, April 25 at 11:35 p.m.

‘Brooklyn’: A hymn to life, to New York and to fighting for our dreams

Lourdes de Paredes Rincon

Why do I recommend it? Brooklyn is the film that highlighted one of the best actresses of the moment, Saoirse Ronan. In fact, she received the nomination for best actress at the Oscars and Golden Globes for her role as the young Irishwoman Ellis Lacey, who decides to leave her native Ireland to go to try her luck in the Big Apple and start a new life. He will find love, a professional future, but when he is at his best he receives news from Ireland and will have to make a decision again that will affect his future. Brooklyn is a delightful literary adaptation scripted by Nick Hornby (About a boy, Hi-Fi) that achieves a friendly portrait, without gaps and easy to see with Ronan’s sublime interpretation.

You will like it if… You are passionate about movies that are a hymn to New York and romantic dramas.

Where to see it? Today, April 24, 10:45 p.m. at Divinity

‘ET The extraterrestrial’: Deadline for the weekend!

Santiago Gimeno

Why do I recommend it? Because ET The Extraterrestrial (1982) never goes out of style no matter how many times you’ve seen it. You will undoubtedly remember the indelible story of friendship on Earth between the human child Elliott (Henry Thomas) and that kindly alien who wanted to return to his family and who repeated “My house” and “Telephone” over and over again. Steven Spielberg directed it, with a script by Melissa Mathison, after doing the same with Shark (1975), Encounters in the third phase (1977), 1941 (1979) and Raiders of the lost ark (1981). I still find it an absolute marvel and, even today, I am moved with a smile on my face when I see the bicycles flying; I laugh with ET disguised as a ghost, and I cry like a cupcake when I see the famous scene from “ET lives” or when the alien points to Elliott’s head, with his luminous finger, and says that of: “I’ll be right here.” Essential and great plan for the weekend.

You will like it if… you believe in Steven Spielberg above all else. And don’t forget to watch Susan Lacy’s documentary Spielberg (American Masters), about the career and life of one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. If you haven’t had a chance to do it yet, you won’t be disappointed – also available on HBO.

Where to see it: HBO

‘Little Women’ (2019): A breath of fresh air for the March sisters

Ana Lasso

Why do I recommend it? Even with the nostalgia for spending the Day of the Book in quarantine, I could not have been more appetizing to recommend a literary adaptation to the cinema. This is the case of Little Women. Although over the years the novel written by Louisa May Alcott has been transferred to the big screen on numerous occasions; The first was in 1919, 1949, 1994, and 2019, although the latter has been a breath of fresh air in the history of the March sisters. Even though getting over the version starring Winona Ryder was difficult, Freedom Ronnan, actress who takes her place in the film, has exceeded expectations. On the other side is Florence Pugh, the new British revelation who forms the perfect tandem with Timothée Chalamet; both embody the famous couple formed by Emmy and Laurie. Laura Dern puts the icing on the cast cake to play the mainstay of these little women, Mrs. March. If a film adaptation is already a challenge, reinventing yourself and differentiating yourself from three previous ones can be an impossible mission. But Greta Gerwig succeeds, and by far.

You will like it if… You are an absolute fan of period literary adaptations.

Where to see it: Movistar +

‘Operation Peanut’: the perfect plan for a movie night with children

Lorena Vialás

Why do I recommend it? Now that general television has several channels dedicated to the smallest of the house, it is easier to find animated productions to enjoy with the family. The home theater plan is always great and kids love the idea of ​​choosing a movie to watch all together. If you have not yet chosen the film with which to disconnect for a little bit from the reality that we have had to live with, one option may be Operation Peanut. A fun comedy starring the adorable squirrel Surly. This little peanut lover’s plan is none other than robbing a nut store to grab a stash of those delicious little nuts. However, her mission is not waiting and she and her accomplices are involved in a real robbery committed by a group of criminals.

You will like it if… You are looking for a fun movie to watch with your children.

Where to see it?: Saturday, April 25 at 9:15 p.m.

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8 movies and series to watch on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Movistar +, Disney + and free open this weekend – Movie News