A Greek family that renews their affairs – Tvshow – 05/06/2016

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After the Oscar nomination for Vardalos for the script of My Great Greek Wedding (2002), she was talked about again, but because of the series of mistakes that involved her (the series My life in ruins was canceled in the first season and the Larry Crowne movie, did not live up to box office expectations). That great little movie My Great Greek Wedding was thought to be nothing more than a marketing hit or a simple planetary alignment. It focused on the interdictions he caused when the innocent daughter of a Greek family, Toula (Vardalos) got engaged to Ian (John Corbett) who was handsome and a good match, but he was not Greek. That generated an entertaining comedy of entanglements and peculiar and funny characters.

For this sequel, there are all (grandparents Gus and María, Aunt Voula and cousins ​​Nikki, Angelo, in addition to the funny matriarch Mana-Yia-Yia), who despite the passage of time, have not lost their grace.

Now, Toula continues to help (and suffer) her parents, while her daughter, Paris, seeks college. But grandfather Gus Portokalos (a very funny Michael Constantino) is worried about something else: the granddaughter is of marriageable age. Thus, that pressure that he exerted with his daughter, now he burdens his eldest granddaughter. The grandfather is another of the centers of this story. He is infatuated with being a direct descendant of Alexander the Great, but certifying that requires papers, including the marriage certificate of Gus and María, which, surprise, is not signed by a religious of the Orthodox Church. That could be easily arranged (going to church and getting married) but not in a Vardalos comedy: Maria does not agree to marry Gus, and the reproaches from both sides are swift. This is how the story will continue, with swings between yes and no to marriage; the mocking spirit is the same as in the first part.

If in that first installment, Toula faced her suffocating family to find love, in this sequel it will be Paris, the couple’s daughter, who suffers her mother, who can also be as suffocating as her family was with her.

But the heart of the matter is: what happens after the “and they lived happily ever after”? While Toula will be able to understand that family is important, but the couple is more important, it will be the octogenarian Gus who will have to provide a real reason for Maria to continue by his side, which will be resolved in an emotional and funny final scene, where there will be tangles ample. Thus, while the laughter continues, Vardalos also talks about other more serious issues, such as parental care, the question of how to keep the couple’s flame alive, and also face life as a couple when the children leave the nest. .

The one chosen to direct this entanglement is Kirk Jones, who has already demonstrated his solvency in films such as The Divine Ned, or The Magic Nana, to unite tenderness and comedy.

Thus, these will be the ingredients that spice up this fun movie that show that that first time with Vardalos was not a coincidence.

My Big Greek Wedding 2 [***]

United States, 2016. Original title: My big fat greek wedding 2. Address: Kirk Jones.Screenplay: Nia Vardalos. Song: Christopher Lennertz. With: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett and Michael Constantine. Duration: 110 minutes. Premiere: Thursday May 5 at Grupocine Torre de los Profesionales, Punta Carretas, Life Alfabeta, 21, Costa Urbana and Movie.


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A Greek family that renews their affairs – Tvshow – 05/06/2016