Adam Sandler shoots his series in Mallorca

The stars of the whole world want to go to Mallorca. If it’s not on vacation, like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, it’s to work. That is the case with Adam Sandler, who this summer has chosen the island of Palma to shoot some scenes for his new film, Hustle, produced by the interpreter himself and Lebron James. They have moved to the basketball courts of It is Rafal, a popular popular neighborhood of Palma that this week, as published Last minute, it will become the center of operations of fiction. The actor of Follow me the roll He arrived on Monday on a private jet and recovered from jet lag overnight for the next day to pgo to the area where the team was already setting the stage.

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On Wednesday the filming of this film begins that will be able to be seen on Netflix next year and that has Adam Sandler, Robert Duvall, Ben Foster y Queen Latifah, in addition to the Canarian NBA player Juancho Hernangómez, who makes his film debut with this role and who will play a young basketball promise protected by the coach. In addition, it will also have scenes in Philadelphia (United States), in which it is the first major production to be filmed on the streets of the American city since the beginning of the pandemic. Jeremiah Zagar, son of artist Jeremiah Zagar, responsible for one of the most representative elements of the city where the film will focus, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

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The appearance of 54-year-old Adam in Palma has caused a lot of excitement among neighbors and visitors, who have wanted to take a look at the organization to see how Hollywood works from the inside. The actor wore a mask at all times and was present while some of the actors rehearsed scenes on the court, since it is a film focused on the world of basketball. The protagonist of the film wore basketball sportswear, in baggy pants, and boot-type sneakers, and greeted the players, one by one, in Spanish. Filming will continue in various places in Mallorca for several weeks, where the interpreter has previously worked in Big kids.



Hustle is produced by Sandler’s company, which has a multi-film deal on Netflix, and Lebron James’s production company, which He has already immersed himself in Hollywood with up to nine projects this year alone. Although many of his projects are related to basketball, such as Space Jam: New Legends or this same Hustle, has also been responsible for the miniseries Madam CJ Walker: A Self Made Woman or the documentaries of other athletes such as My name is muhammad ali or the Naomi Osaka miniseries that premiered in 2021.

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What is the synopsis of Hustle?

It will tell the story of an NBA coach in low hours who, during a trip away from the United States, find a basketball player that could become a great promise of the sport and save his career in the best league in the world.

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Adam Sandler shoots his series in Mallorca