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With fourteen books and a prequel, several million copies sold worldwide, and eight volumes at number one in the New York Times Best Sellers, The wheel of time It is one of the most anticipated contemporary epic fantasy sagas. A Song of Ice and Fire, Geralt of Rivia and The wheel of timePerhaps the most important fantasy universes of the 21st century, with permission from the novels of the later Brandon Sanderson, but this is the same Sanderson who wrote the last installments of The wheel of time after the death of its author, Robert Jordan.

The three sagas began to be written in the 90s, ended (or are in it) twenty years later and have recently been adapted for television. Game of Thrones has been the series of the decade (or not?) and The Witcher its second season is already underway. It is the turn of The wheel of time.

In July this year during San Diego Comic Con, Amazon Prime Video in collaboration with Sony Pictures announced that the project is ready for its next release. This is all we know about the series so far.

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The new one Game of Thrones?

The fantasy universe of The wheel of time it has all the ingredients for success. A heroic past and prophecies about the end of the world. A mythology of its own, a very particular way of understanding magic and exotic nations. There are the trollocs, violent and stupid monsters that refer to the orcs of The Lord of the rings; are Aiel, a desert civilization that with the next premiere of Dune to many it will evoke the Fremen; and there are the Seanchan, members of an Empire of slaves on another continent, ready to disembark in the known world in the manner of Daenerys …

There are witches known as the Aes Sedai, an intriguing institution that plays with the thrones of the world and has a monopoly on magic. And there are some fundamentalists who call themselves ‘the Sons of Light’, who have sworn to put an end to everything that sounds like witchcraft. And there are the rulers, of course, willing to do anything to maintain their power. So when the Dark One, with a name as familiar as “Shai’tan,” is released, only a few will heed the threat while the rest fight for the spoils.

With these fringes, how can you not think that Amazon is weaving its own Game of Thrones? However, a closer look at the argument of The wheel of time and his first images immediately deny it. There is a similar material, a quality to match, but this series will have a special attention to magic and fantastic elements that far exceeds the one that was pre-written.sThe HBO series was on.

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The plot of the series The wheel of time

It all begins in a village secluded from the madding crowd in Emond’s Field, Two Rivers, a peaceful Hobitton. There comes the sorceress Aes Sedai Moraine, destined to be our Gandalf. Moiraine has learned that the “Shadow Spawn” and the Trollocs are looking for the Dragon Reborn of Prophecies, which has nothing to do with the dragons we all know but with the most powerful male wizard in a world where magic male is cursed. The only one capable of saving the world … or destroying it.

Moiraine has set out to find and train him for his destiny. A path in which many other characters will appear, just as important as the future Dragon Reborn, and that, if at the beginning it reminds a lot of The Lord of the rings (which Amazon is also serializing) soon becomes unique.

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The boss of all this

The showrunner from The wheel of time It’s Rafe Judkins. He has been a screenwriter for Agents of SHIELD, so he knows what it is to have a complex and enormous universe in his hands that he will have to condense here in a few seasons. We do not know how many, although presumably they will be less than the number of books, but the new Amazon Prime series has already renewed for a second season whose production began last July. Rafe Judkins and Amazon are betting heavily on her.

First trailer of The wheel of time

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Amazon Prime recently released the first trailer for The wheel of time. The acid test to see how Rafe Judkins’ team is directing the adaptation of one of the most beloved sagas of the genre. And the production leaves nothing to envy.

The absolute protagonist of the trailer is a voice-over that introduces the viewer to the world of the saga, giving special importance to what The Wheel of Time is and to the female magic of the Aes Sedai and the character of Moiraine, which as far as we know is going to be the common thread of this season.

The trailer is focused on the main protagonists of a saga that, as it progresses, adds more and more characters. We see the magician Moiraine and the three candidates for Dragon Reborn: Rand, Perrin and Mat, Nynaeve and Egwene in whom Moiraine will find a natural connection with female magic, and the rest of the characters that will accompany them in the first season.

From the video we can deduce that the purpose of the first chapters of the series will be to present the complex world of Robert Jordan. Their political intrigues, their mythology and magic and, in the middle of it all, once again: the Aes Sedai. The first images of Tar Valor, the Vatican City of magic in The wheel of time they are impressive.

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Who is who in The wheel of time?

Unlike Robert Jordan’s novels, the reports we have of the series and what the trailer hints at gives as important or more weight to female protagonism. Not only is Moiraine going to replace Rand al’Thor as the main protagonist, but Egwene and Nynaeve, who very slowly reveal key pieces in the novel, appear here as two main characters from the start.

For the role of Moiraine, the creators of The wheel of time they have destined the biggest star of the production. It will be played by Rosamund Pike, the ambiguous protagonist of Lost and winner of the Golden Globe for I Care a Lot. A very powerful character, from what we see in the trailer, that he needed an interpreter like Pike to give him the intriguing and mysterious character that he has in the story. She will be accompanied by Daniel Henney as her Guardian-squire: Lan Madragoran, a kind of Aragorn in the novels.

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More unknown are the actresses of Nynaeve and Egwene. The first one, an Edmond Field healer and local leader, will be played by the almost unknown Zöe Robins; and Egwene, the mayor’s daughter with enormous potential for magic unknown until the arrival of Moiraine, by Madeleine Madden who, after several secondary characters in different series, launches into her most important role.

Three practically unknown young actors will play the main trio of the saga: Rand, Perrin and Mat. They are, respectively, the actors Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford and Barney Harris. All of them are in the universe of the Ta’Veren saga, that is, people indicated by The Wheel of Time that the voice of the trailer speaks to us to change the world. Each of them appears with what will characterize their characters: Mat, with a dagger; and Perrin, with a wolf, indicating a sincere attempt on the part of the series to be faithful to the keys of the books.

And we still have to talk about Logain Ablar, a mysterious character who will be revealed more and more important (if the series is faithful to the books) and who will play nothing more and nothing less than Álvaro Morte (The Money Heist).

the wheel of time, amazon series

Amazon prime

Release date

The adaptation of the long-running epic fantasy series has already confirmed the premiere date of its first season. Next November 19 will arrive in streaming on Amazon Prime Video The wheel of time.

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