All the premieres and news of series and movies in September 2021

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Amazon Prime Video says goodbye to hot summer and welcomes September on its calendar with a promising list of series and movies that will soon be released in its catalog.

Among the most prominent titles are the fourth season of the successful series of lawyers Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton, the magical and musical princess tale revision Cinderella, the film adaptation of the acclaimed West End hit musical Everyone talks about Jamie and the French feature film The Mad Women’s Ball, directed, written by and starring French actress Mélanie Laurent.

The Amazon Prime Video series in September 2021

Featured Premiere of the Month: ‘Goliath’ Season 4 (September 24)

‘Goliath’ premieres its fourth season.

Amazon Prime Video

Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) was a prestigious Los Angeles attorney who ended up in disgrace. His new routine traded investigations and courtrooms for over-the-counter conversations in a bar. However, Billy will have a chance to sue the biggest client of Cooperman & McBride, the powerful law firm he helped create, and without hesitation, he will begin this unequal fight against Goliath.

The original Amazon Prime Video series has been very successful among the platform’s titles, premiering its fourth season, which will have a total of eight one-hour episodes.

All premieres of the month

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ T6 (5/09)

‘Voltaire High’ T1 (10/09)

‘Ici C’Est Paris, 50 Years of Passion’ T1 (10/09)

• ‘Psg, O Ville Limière, 50 Years of Legend’ T2 (10/09)

• ‘LuLaRick’ T1

‘The game of keys’ S2 (16/09)

‘Mothers. Love and Life ‘S3 (23/09)

‘Most Dangerous Game’ (24/09)

‘Savage X Fenty Show’ T3 (24/09)

Amazon Prime Video Movies in September 2021

Featured Premiere of the Month: ‘Cinderella‘(September 3)

Cinderella – Trailer in Spanish | Prime Video Spain

The traditional fairy tale and princesses is transformed into a musical and magical feature film directed by Kay Cannon, in which diversity makes its way to tell a more modern version starring the singer Camila Cabello.

Cinderella follow in the footsteps of an ambitious young woman whose dreams will turn out to be overwhelming and too much for what the world is willing to allow her. However, the apparently unfortunate young woman will continue to insist and persevere in order to achieve her goals and get the world to finally “know her name” and know who she is. Along the way he will have the help of Fab G (Billy Porter), the new version of the fairy godmother, who will accompany her throughout her personal evolution, which will completely transform her to adapt the fairy tale that we all know to the new times.

Other featured releases of the month

‘The Mad Women’s Ball (Le Ball Des Folles)’ (17 de septiembre)

‘The Mad Women’s Ball’ | Tráiler VO | Amazon Prime Video

Based on the homonymous book by Victoria Mas, The Mad Women’s Ball tells the story of Eugenia, a passionate young woman from the late 19th century with a gift that makes her unique: she is able to hear and see the dead. When her family discovers her secret, her father and brother take her to the La Pitié Salpêtrière neurological clinic without any possibility of leaving. From there you will plan your escape strategy with the help of the nurses who work there. The movie is Directed, Written by and Starring Mélanie Laurent (Damn bastards).

‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ (September 17)

‘Everyone talks about Jamie’ | Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

Jamie New (Max Harwood) it is a teenager from Sheffield who dreams of the day when she can finally step on a stage and become a fierce and proud drag queen. As the rest of his classmates plan what their future will look like when they graduate, Jamie sets out on her own path, enlisting the support of her best friend Pritti (Lauren Patel) and her loving mother (Sarah Lacashire). Plus, you’ll get help from local drag legend Miss Loco Chanelle (Richard E. Grant), who guides you through your stage debut.

However, things will become somewhat complicated for the protagonist, who will also have to face a father who does not finish supporting him (Ralph Ineson), an uninspired school coach (Sharon Horgan) and some very ignorant classmates who will do everything. what I can to ruin the parade for him. For this reason, Jamie and his community will perform the most intense and colorful musical numbers, to overcome prejudices and launch a message of tolerance.

Everyone talks about Jamie is a film adaptation of the acclaimed West End hit musical, based on a true story.

All premieres of the month

‘Brutus vs César’ (1/09)

‘The tragedy of Peterloo’ (9/09)

‘The Voyeurs’ (10/09)

‘Polyamory for beginners’ (10/09)

‘Guardians of the Night – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Infinity Train’ (09/13)

‘The Son’ (09/13)

‘Dreamland’ (15/09)

‘Tadeo Jones 2: The Secret of King Midas’ (09/22)

‘Birds of Paradise’ (24/09)

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