All the premieres of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin from April 26 to May 2 – News of series

The protagonist of the Oscar Awards ‘Nomadland’, the most anticipated title of the next seven days.

April ends and the month of May begins full of series and movie premieres on the different streaming platforms. In the absence of knowing the premieres of all of them for the month of May, we highlight as the great premieres of the last week of the current month two original films from Amazon Prime Video and Disney + respectively: No Regrets by Tom Clancy and Nomadland, the latter one of the great protagonists of the Oscars 2021.

You can see all the premieres of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin from April 26 to May 2 below:




Beautiful animated film written and directed by the director Jill Culton that presents us with a beautiful and tender friendship story between a young Chinese teenager named Yi and Everest, a misplaced Yeti who needs to be accompanied home. The starting point of the spectacular adventure is Yi’s discovery of a young Yeti on the roof of his apartment building. Together with her friends, the protagonist and the little creature will set out to reach the highest point on Earth so that she can reunite with her family.

Premiere: April 30th

No Regrets by Tom Clancy

Original from Amazon Studios and directed by Stefano Sollima, Sin Remordiemientos is an action and espionage film based on the 1993 novel of the same name and starring the famous character John Clark. The time has come to know the origins of the one who has the honor of being one of the recurring characters in the Jack Ryan universe.

Premiere: April 30th



The Mauritanian

Directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring Jodie Foster, Tahar Rahim and Shailene Woodley, among others, The Mauritanian is the heartbreaking story of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a man who is imprisoned by the US government’s suspicion that he is an Al-Qaeda terrorist and who is held in prison awaiting trial for no less than four years. Four long years in which no charges are brought against the detainee nor can he be brought to justice. Those charged with seeking justice in the case will be social lawyer, Nancy Hollander, and her partner, Teri Duncan, but the obstacles they face are constant as a result of the fact that, after the unjust arrest, there is a larger conspiracy.

Premiere: April 30th



You are the worst

This funny 30-minute episode comedy comes to Disney + in full after ending its fifth season on FX in 2019. If you didn’t have it signed, we can’t think of a better opportunity for you to get your hands on the history of Jimmy Shive-Overly (Chris Geere), an insensitive and selfish British writer, and manager Gretchen Cutler (Aya Cash), a woman with self-destructive habits. When the future couple meets at a wedding, they start a relationship despite having nothing in common beyond the fact that they are both extremely toxic people … Danger.

Premiere: April 30th



Probably the most prominent release in the month of April is the arch-nominated and award-winning Nomadland, one of the most outstanding films of 2021. Directed by a director who has already made history, Chloé Zhao, and starring the wonderful, Frances McDormand, the film introduces us to the Oscar-winning actress in the shoes of a woman in her sixties who, after having lost everything in the crisis, decides to embark on a journey through the American West driving her motorhome and meeting all kinds of people along the way.

Premiere: April 30th

The day to come

Directed by James Kent in 2019 and starring Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke and Alexander Skarsgård, this drama is based on the novel The Aftermath from Rhidian Brook and takes us to Germany in 1946 to tell us the story of a British colonel on a mission to rebuild Hamburg.

Premiere: April 30th



El Terrat: The first 30

Documentary series of five episodes about the famous producer of the comedian, presenter and actor Andreu Buenafuente. Although divided into several episodes, the series revolves around a lively and interesting three-hour talk between the protagonist and his great friend, screenwriter Frankie De Leonardis.

Premiere: April 27



Derrick Borte is the director of this feature film written by Carl Ellsworth and released in January 2021. The film stars Russell Crowe as Tom, a man whose life has completely lost its meaning and who ends up losing control. Completely beside himself, when a woman rebukes him on the road it ends up becoming his worst nightmare.

Premiere: 28th of April


Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Abel Ferrara and starring the legendary Willem Dafoe, Siberia comes exclusively to our country thanks to Filmin. The protagonist of the story is Clint is a man who lives in a cabin isolated from civilization, but who will be able to undertake a journey through his dreams and memories of life.

Premiere: May 2

-Other premieres of films and documentaries that are incorporated into the catalog-

  • Abuse of power – April 26
  • The Bromley Boys – April 27
  • Work in Progress – April 27
  • Handbook of the good wife – 28th of April
  • The lovers and the despot – April 29
  • Normandy naked – April 30th
  • Isabella – April 30th
  • One of these days – April 30th
  • Transoceanicas – April 30th
  • 9 Leaks – April 30th
  • Love without a city – April 30th
  • Announced Storm – April 30th
  • In the dark – April 30th
  • The Monopoly of Violence – April 30th
  • Passion Simple – April 30th
  • The wind phone – April 30th
  • 303 – May 1
  • Marygoround – May 1
  • Sculpting in memory – May 1
  • RAmén – May 1
  • Residue – May 2
  • Berlin Alexanderplatz – May 2

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All the premieres of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin from April 26 to May 2 – News of series