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Criticism of La chica del valle (2020), the musical film that in our country arrives as an exclusive premiere for subscribers to Amazon Prime Video. To the rhythm of well-known musical themes, we will learn the story of a teenage couple in the 80s. Are you joining this nostalgic journey of youth?


Julie (Jessica Rothe) is a “good girl”, popular in high school and with the typical local team captain boyfriend, when she meets Randy (Joshua Whitehouse), leader of a punk group. Unintentionally, both of you will be attracted from the get-go. Their completely opposite worlds seem destined to understand each other. Musical adaptation of the 1983 film.

Jessica Rothe

Review of the film The Girl in the Valley (2020) from Amazon Prime Video

The times of the Coronavirus are not good when you intend to release a movie through its classic distribution channel, the cinemas. But it is also not favorable to have among the distribution of said proposal a guy who is persecuted by controversy and rejection by a large part of the public, Logan Paul. The The Girl in the Valley movie (2020) It is a clear example that replacing a professional actor with the star of the moment on YouTube may not be a success. What’s more, in this case it has only managed to end up landing the tape directly on platforms and DVDs.

The protagonist's friends shopping at the mall
The protagonist’s friends shopping at the mall

A remake of the movie Valley Girl, 1983

In 1983 it was released Valley Girl, a teen comedy starring a very young man Nicolas cage. Now, that classic called to star in some session of the “Phenomena“, Comes in the form of a musical remake called to become the delight of the nostalgic of the 80s. But will it live up to its predecessor? We start our critique from the The Girl in the Valley (2020) movie from Amazon Prime Video.

A completely “nostalgic” starter

The tape directed by Rachel Goldenberg He knows how to wrap us in that nostalgic aura that we talked about from his first minutes of footage. The story of its two protagonists will be introduced by a Julie As an adult she tries to get closer to her daughter, and give her some advice, telling her a story from her adolescence. In this way, as if from ‘The engaged princess’ (1987) it was about, starts the story in question, which is also narrated by an actress so iconic for a generation like Alicia Silverstone, absolute protagonist of that mythical ‘Clueless‘ (1995).

Joshua Whitehouse
Joshua Whitehouse

What is the movie The Girl in the Valley (2020) about

And this is how we will get to the main story of the The Girl in the Valley movie (2020), the one that completely takes us back to those long-awaited 80s with its characteristic neon colors in clothes, its carding in the hair and the warmers on the ankles.

There we will meet Julie (Jessica Rothe), the typical popular blonde from high school, with a boyfriend to match, captain of the local team, of course, and a group of friends as super posh as she. But Julie She is not the same as the rest of the girls in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, she has dreams and goals beyond getting married and having a family before she turns twenty. Our protagonist aspires to carve out a place for herself in the world of fashion design and every time she feels “less comfortable” within the superficial circle of people she surrounds herself with. And it is at that precise moment of personal growth that he meets Randy (Joshua Whitehouse), a free guy who does what he’s really passionate about, compose and play his songs with his punk band.

Rob Huebel y Judy Greer
Rob Huebel y Judy Greer

Pop and Punk facing each other

Two opposite realities; two young lovers in the purest style ‘Romeo and Juliet’. An impossible love between a girl who always wears pink, and a boy full of tattoos. A distance that can also be seen in the musical aspect of the tape with a Julie Pop music lover and a Randy Punk singer.

The soundtrack of the The Girl in the Valley movie (2020) It perfectly accompanies the development of this love story. During the footage, versions of well-known themes such as ‘Hey Mickey’ de Toni Basil, ‘Call me’ de Blondie, ‘Girls just want to have fun’, ‘Take on me’ de A-ha, ‘Under pressure’ de Queen y David Bowie, ‘Material girl’ de Madonna, among others.

Julie and Randy
Julie and Randy

Musical numbers

The musical numbers that we can find in the The Girl in the Valley movie (2020) They are quite numerous -more than twenty-, and are well introduced and developed thanks to the baton and expert of Mandy Moore, choreographer of greatest hits such as’The good side of things‘, ‘La La Land 0 the series’Zoey’s extraordinary playlist‘.

The leading couple

The leading couple of this love story to the rhythm of eighties songs is interpreted in an energetic and convincing way by Jessica Rothe What Julie and Joshua Whitehouse What Randy. A couple that works perfectly in front of the cameras.

Rothe plays that “posh” girl who decides to slam the door and reveal herself to achieve her goals. The actress, protagonist of the saga ‘Happy death day‘and who we got to know as one of the friends of My on ‘The city of stars (La La Land)’, once again demonstrates his capacity for both comedy and musical cinema. For its part, Whitehouse gives us a fresh and carefree performance as the leader of a punk band.

Scene from the movie Girl in the Valley (2020) by Amazon Prime Video
Scene from the movie Girl in the Valley (2020) by Amazon Prime Video

Final opinion of the movie The Girl in the Valley (2020) from Amazon Prime Video

As a final conclusion we can say that the The Girl in the Valley (2020) movie from Amazon Prime Video he has a completely successful lighthearted spirit. Its energetic rhythm, its well-known musical themes and its extraordinary staging will ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable time. Surely the proposal does not go down in history as one of the reference musicals, but what it will do is completely introduce you to its fun nostalgic journey.

Technical Sheet and Release Date

Título original: Valley Girl
Gender: Musical, Comedy, Romantic
Official Site: The Girl in the Valley movie from Amazon Prime Video
Country: USA
Idiom: English
Release date in Spain: December 20, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video
Producer: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Duration: 103 min.
Year: 2020
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 13 years old

Artistic file

Address: Rachel Goldenberg
Screenplay: Wayne Crawford, Andrew Lane, Jenny Lumet, Amy Talkington
Song: Roger Neill
Photography: Adam Silver
Distribution: Mae Whitman, Peyton List, Logan Paul, Chloe Bennet, Josh Whitehouse, Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh Murray, Jessie Ennis, Allyn Rachel, Jenny Babas, Mario Revolori, Mark Casimir Dyniewicz, Minn Vo, Mary Neely, Yindra Zayas, Fatimah Hassan, Nick Drago, Morgan Larson, Christopher Tavarez, Dan Thiel, Christina Miller, Danny Ramirez, Kc Monnie, Chris Moss, Victoria Van Fleet


Poster for the movie The Girl in the Valley (2020) from Amazon Prime Video
Poster for the movie The Girl in the Valley (2020) from Amazon Prime Video



The film La chica del valle (2020) is an entertaining and carefree musical that makes the viewer travel to the 80s to the rhythm of its best-known songs.


The leading couple.

The musical numbers.

That she doesn’t take herself too seriously.


The interpretation of some secondary character like the one starring Logan Paul.

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