Andie MacDowell on the commotion in front of her gray hair: “My gray hair is a show of power” | Celebrities

Andie MacDowell understands the stir that the photos of her gray hair caused when she was seen on the red carpet of Annette at the Cannes film festival a few days ago. Like so many other women, they began to be quarantined. At 63, the actress who conquered Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral Back in 1994, she had doubts about how her new silver hair would be received and she even considered putting on a wig to “please others” and that it would not be very shocking to see her hair transition. This is what he has told the US edition of Vogue in an interview in which he defends that his gray hair “is a demonstration of power.”

These are several of the headlines that the actress has offered about why it matters to show gray hair without fear of what they will say.

In her forties she became obsessed with Jane Fonda’s gray hair:

“At the beginning of my 40s, my hair started to grow and every time my children saw me, they assured me that my gray hair looked great. I tied a bow and it looked like two cans of salt and pepper, black and silver. I like comparing myself to George Clooney because why not? For a long time I have thought that it was about time that I, personally, made that transition because I felt it was appropriate for my personality and who I am. During the confinement, I had a lot of free time and became obsessed with Jack Martin, who was combing Jane Fonda’s hair. I shared those pictures of Jane with a lot of people and I was like, “Hey, I want to do this.”

MacDowell at the last Cannes festival. Photo: Getty

His representatives did not want him to leave them:

“I got a job and very quickly had to decide what to do. In fact, my manager would tell me: “This is not the time.” I imposed on myself: “I think you are wrong, I will be more powerful if I accept where I am now. It is the moment, because in two years I am going to be 65 years old. If I don’t do it now, I won’t have a chance to be salt and pepper. I always wanted to be salt and pepper! “

Despite having the reference of Jane Fonda, I could not find famous women with that hair:

«I could not find references of such famous hair on the internet. My inspiration was not famous women. I started looking on Instagram. You know how social media works… once you start to see something, they appear automatically. So all these manes on Instagram that are turning silver, I started looking at them. I was looking at real women who were transitioning to gray, as well as younger women in their fifties who were going natural. You could see before and after, and I like after. But everyone has their personal taste! That is my taste. I have two sisters older than me and they will probably dye their hair forever. That is what they are!”

On why wearing her hair like this is a movement that exudes power:

I Googled actors with salt and pepper hair. There are many men who do! One of them said that when he saw himself with dyed hair, it seemed that he was trying to look younger. I think that’s what started to happen to me. I think the age on my face, for me, in my personal opinion, no longer matched my hair. Somehow, I feel like I look younger now because it looks more natural. It’s not like he’s trying to hide something. I think it’s a movement, a show of power, and that’s what I was telling my managers. It’s exactly what I need to do now.

MacDowell at the presentation of ‘Annette’ in Cannes. Photo: Getty

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Andie MacDowell on the commotion in front of her gray hair: “My gray hair is a show of power” | Celebrities