Andrew Lincoln has a new (and very different) series for the first time after ‘the Walking Dead’

The British actor stopped being Rick Grimes two years ago but will star in a series of films within the zombie franchise. Before, you have another project in hand.


Before Andrew Lincoln became the charismatic lead in Robert Kirkman’s comic book adaptation The Walking Dead, the British actor was mainly known for one of the most remembered scenes from Love Actually. In the acclaimed 2003 romantic comedy, Lincoln played the best friend of the boyfriend of a newly married couple who, in love, confessed his love to the character of Keira Knightley through a series of cards, but, despite the fame of the scene in question, no one will refer to him by any other character other than the iconic Rick Grimes.

Two years after his departure from the series, Andrew Lincoln now returns to the small screen with his first role in a series since he stopped being Rick. After his departure from fiction and with the Covid-19 in between, it must be said, the British has opted to get back on stage, as the protagonist of the work A Christmas Carol, and has also starred in the Netflix movie The Bloom family. And a little more.

Two years without news of Rick Grimes: Past, present and future of the films of ‘The Walking Dead’

His new television project has nothing to do with zombie fiction, neither at the plot level nor at the level of commitment, since the interpreter will only participate in a single episode of the anthology series that Guillermo del Toro is preparing: Cabinet of Curiosities.

The fiction is described as “an unprecedented collection of stories designed to challenge our more traditional notions of horror.” “From the macabre to the magical, from the gothic to the grotesque and classically creepy, these eight equally sophisticated and sinister stories will be brought to life by a team of writers and directors personally chosen by del Toro.” About the Lincoln episode we know that it is written and directed by Jennifer Kent (Babadook) and that it is based on an original story written by del Toro. Along with him the story stars Essie Davis and Hannah Galway (Sex/Life).

Undisputed leader of the group of survivors that stars in AMC’s long-running zombie series, Andrew Lincoln played the popular character for nine seasons, a brave ex ‘sheriff’ who woke up from a coma in the middle of the apocalypse. Tired of living so long away from his home in Great Britain, the interpreter decided to abandon fiction in 2018, when the team still had future plans for the story. A) Yes, The Walking Dead was left without its protagonist earlier than expected, but the plots were supported by other great characters who assumed the leadership.

In Lincoln’s last episode of the series, Rick was picked up by a mysterious helicopter that Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) had contact with. After the episode was broadcast, it was confirmed that the actor would once again embody the character in a series of movies on the big screen that would explain what had happened to the survivor. So far the filming has not started, but the project is firmly on the table and will materialize sooner or later.

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Andrew Lincoln has a new (and very different) series for the first time after ‘the Walking Dead’