Are Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd dating? Click

Angelina Jolie Updates: Last Wednesday, Angelina Jolie and Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, had been papped leaving Giorgio Baldi separately, however proper after the difference, and it’s been shown that they had been having dinner together.

When stunning and well-known human beings have dinner together, the assumption, always, is that it becomes extra than dinner. In this case, on the grounds that Abel has referenced Angelina earlier than in his lyrics, it’s now no longer a stretch to suppose he would possibly have weighed down on her. Dark hair and complete lips, that appear to be his type: Bella, Selena, now Angelina?

According to PEOPLE though, it became a “friendly” dinner. “The Oscar-triumphing actress, 46, and the Grammy winner, 31, have acknowledged every difference for a while and percentage a connection to Ethiopia, PEOPLE has learned.”

Abel’s mother and father are Ethiopian and Zahara was born in Ethiopia. It’s now no longer acknowledged whether or not or now no longer that particularly is how they met; however, given their philanthropic interest, it’s a robust possibility.

What Angelina Jolie Said About the Rumors?

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That said, you could communicate approximately charitable efforts while not having to satisfy up for dinner. So ought this to be extra than friendship? Whatever it is, in case you’re a superstar who spends sufficient time in Hollywood, you’ll recognize that Giorgio Baldi isn’t the location to head in if you don’t need human beings to look at you.

Rihanna, for example, is often visible there. Every night, it seems, there’s at least one superstar leaving there after dinner, from A to D list. Even Sean Penn is going to Giorgio Baldi. Which approach the meals is so suitable it’s really well worth getting papped for. But again, as I said, that’s the trade-off for the agnolotti.

If Angelina and Abel had something they desired to keep secret, as in themselves, together, Giorgio Baldi wouldn’t be the choice. This is why I’m wondering there isn’t much extra to this than only a meal among friends, even though it sincerely doesn’t harm for both of them to have human beings speakme to them like it can be a thing.

For The Weeknd, who offers a sh-t approximately Grammy nominations whilst you’re having dinner with Angelina? And for Angelina, well, she’s on a date with Starboy.