Armie Hammer and her family as millionaire as scandalous

With his perfectly chiseled jaw, bright blue eyes and a long list of hit movies behind him, the Californian actor seemed to have it all at 34. Armie Hammer He was even the heir to a millionaire fortune and had the perfect family: a beautiful wife and two young children.

Now, however, his seemingly perfect world has collapsed amidst the controversial allegations of sexual abuse and its tendencies to sadomasochism without consent and including cannibalism. Los Angeles police have announced that they were investigating claims by an ex of hers that the actor raped her in 2017, claiming that at the time he thought he was going to kill her.

Hammer has rejected the allegations stating in a statement that “all of their interactions with [ella] and with any other sexual partner of his they have been completely consensual, discussed and agreed in advance, and mutually participatory “.

The actor and his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers. (Getty)

But Hollywood has turned its back on him, his agent has abandoned him and he has withdrawn from projects such as a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez and a Broadway play. Furthermore, in a surprising turn of events, the ‘Daily Mail’ publishes that the performer’s own family history has been found to be so rugged like the controversies that revolve around them. Nothing less than Five generations of the Hammers are embroiled in scandal which includes debauchery, sexual perversion, drug abuse, corruption, and violence.

Armie Hammer, oblivious to cannibalism accusations, shows up with new partner

Jorge C. Parcero

The actor’s tycoon great-grandfather was friend of the Prince of Wales and alleged Soviet spy. His grandfather celebrated orgies in which drugs and weapons abounded, and his father had a 2 meter high ‘sex throne’. As Armie’s aunt declared, Casey Hammer: “Like father Like Son”. His family, he declared, had long been “perfect on the outside but twisted on the inside.”

In 1919, Armie’s great-great-grandfather, Julius, doctor, communist and Russian emigrant, practiced an illegal abortion to the wife of a Bolshevik diplomat at his home in New York. The woman died three days later and Julius was jailed for murder.

Armand Hammer, in an image from 1979. (Getty)

His son, Armand, was allegedly a spy for the Soviet Union and used his third wife’s money, Frances, to get a profitable business, Occidental Petroleum, which ended up becoming the largest independent oil company in the world. Cynical opportunist and “conceited supercapitalist”, as published at the time by ‘The New York Times’, was a friend of the corrupt Libyan dictator Gaddafi, which allowed him to benefit greatly from the oil wealth of his country.

He had numerous lovers and was a great art collector, with works looted from Russian museums by his friends in the Kremlin. His money bought him influence and friendship with presidents and royalty. A former British aide to Armand later revealed that his boss had given expensive gifts to the Prince carlos already Lady Dias well as allowing them to use their luxuriously equipped Boeing 727 to fly around the world.

Photo: The supposedly vorarephilic actor, Armie Hammer.  (Reuters)
Studying vorarephilia: the Armie Hammer scandal and the desire to eat someone

Enrique Zamorano

He only had one son Julian, with his first wife Olga von Root, a Russian dancer. Julian suffered from various mental illnesses and At age 26 he shot and killed a friend at his home in Los Angeles in a dispute over a gambling debt. He was charged with manslaughter, but after his father spent a small fortune on lawyers, the charge was dropped when Julian pleaded self-defense.

Julian had two children: Michael –Armie’s father– and Casey. In a 2015 self-published autobiography, ‘Surviving My Birthright,’ Casey revealed the nightmare of living with an alcoholic father addicted to meth, prone to violent outbursts and who was “in and out of mental institutions for most of my life.”

She remembers when she was a little girl, she woke up one Christmas Eve to the sound of a gunshot and saw her father, who was carrying a gun, hitting her mother, Sue. “Honey, go back to bed or Santa Claus won’t come tonight,” her mother told her. The next morning, Casey woke up to the house full of gifts, but without her father, who had “gone to the hospital.” He also described how his father even offered his son, his brother Michael, a million dollars for his girlfriend, which sparked a full-blown fight in a restaurant.

Armie Hammer, en ‘Call me by your name’. (Sony)

Following Julian’s death in 1996, Michael moved his family – including the couple’s two young children, Armies y Viktor- to a new home in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven.

In 2011, one of the family art galleries was sued for the alleged sale of a fake Jackson Pollock painting for $ 17 million and the gallery was accused of having made about $ 70 million selling 63 fakes of abstract expressionism crafted by a Chinese artist little known in the New York borough of Queens.

Michael’s wife divorced him in 2012, apparently after decades of infidelity on his part. People close to him have described him as someone with “the mentality of a teenager” and his friends have told ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine that boasted of having a “six-foot-high sexual throne” at the Californian headquarters of the Armand Hammer Foundation, where he lived for several years after his divorce.

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Armie Hammer and her family as millionaire as scandalous