Avatar: 6 reasons why Zuko is Aang’s best voice acting teacher

Along the Avatar: The Last Master of the air, one of Aang’s greatest goals was to master the four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. He had already learned to master the air before the series began, and he gradually learned the other three elements throughout his journey.

Aang learned how to waterbending with Pakku and Katara, and Toph became his earthbending master soon after. Towards the end of the series, Zuko became Aang’s firebending master, and he was arguably the best master the Avatar ever had.

6 By being his enemy first, Zuko was able to help Aang become a better fighter

Before Zuko became Aang’s firebending master, they fought many times. Although it was not his intention, all his battles could be considered as training, since without them, Aang would not have been such a good fighter. There were also times, before they became friends, when Zuko helped Aang, such as when he rescued him from Zhao or when he allowed Appa to escape from Lake Laogai. If he hadn’t, Aang would have been in much more danger and might not have been able to learn firebending from Zuko. However, Aang learned a lot from Zuko before they were on the same side, and it is these teachings that would eventually help Aang become a great Avatar.

5 left everything behind to train Aangavatar 6 razones por las que zuko es el mejor profesor de doblaje de aang 1

For years, Zuko wanted nothing more than to earn his honor so he could return to the Fire Nation and be with his family. However, once this dream came true, she realized that she had changed a lot over the years and that everything she had worked so hard for no longer mattered to her. Seeing the truth, Zuko realized how terrible Ozai was as a father to him and betrayed him to join Team Avatar. As a result, he left everything behind, including his home and his girlfriend, Mai. Through the sacrifices he made, Zuko proved how important it was for him to teach Aang.

4 he took Aang to the Sun Warriorsavatar 6 razones por las que zuko es el mejor profesor de doblaje de aang 2

When Zuko became Aang’s firebending master, he lost the motivation that made him so powerful. Knowing that he would not be able to teach Aang if this continued, the two of them went to the ancient city of the Sun Warriors, hoping to learn more about the original source of firebending.

There, Zuko and Aang learned to use firebending in a better way than before, and the prince of the Fire Nation had a new motivation that gave him strength. Zuko showed that sometimes the most useful way to teach something to someone is by learning it with him from a different perspective.

3 Zuko made Aang practice all the timeavatar 6 razones por las que zuko es el mejor profesor de doblaje de aang 3

One of the most important things when it comes to mastering something is practicing it. Before Sozin’s Comet, Zuko had Aang practice firebending as often as he could. Even when he had gone to The Boiling Rock with Sokka, Zuko instructed Aang to practice the moves he had constantly learned. He also didn’t like letting Aang take unnecessary breaks and worked hard with him to make him the best firebender he could be before fighting Ozai.

2 Zuko taught Aang to redirect lightningavatar 6 razones por las que zuko es el mejor profesor de doblaje de aang 4

One of Zuko’s most powerful abilities is the one he learned from Iroh: redirecting lightning. Iroh invented the movement by studying the waterbenders, and by teaching it to Zuko, Iroh helped him save his life. Before Zuko joined Team Avatar, he faced his father, who shot him with lightning.

Zuko made sure to teach Aang the Iroh technique in case Ozai tried to kill him in the same way. Aang quickly realized how similar it was to water-bending, which made it easier for him to learn. Seeing how Aang was about to die when Azula struck him with lightning, it was very good that Aang learned this.

1 challenged Aang’s beliefsavatar 6 razones por las que zuko es el mejor profesor de doblaje de aang 5

Instead of teaching Aang how to bend fire, he helped him become an Avatar and a better person, challenging his beliefs. While Aang felt it was wrong to kill Ozai due to everything he learned from the monks who raised him, Zuko thought it necessary. This motivated Zuko to be a better teacher for Aang, as he was concerned that he would not have what it takes to defeat the Fire Lord. Aang’s conflict also led him to meet a lion tortoise who helped him find a solution to his problem. Aang was able to defeat Ozai by stripping him of his flex rather than killing him, which also taught Zuko that there were other ways to defeat an opponent. Together, they learned a lot from each other.

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Avatar: 6 reasons why Zuko is Aang’s best voice acting teacher

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