Awake: all about the Netflix movie that won’t let you sleep

Awake, O Disomnia in Spanish, he proposes a new scenario for the end of the world, one in which, overnight, humans lose the ability to sleep and must find the solution before they lose their minds and end up dead from lack of sleep.

There’s a lot movies and series about the end of the world In streaming and film history, they all tell stories of catastrophic events, natural disasters, or incurable diseases that ravage humanity and end up forcing the few survivors to escape, seek safety, and try to find a cure to avoid death. definitive extinction.

Jose Saramago, for example, he had already told us about an epidemic of blindness, The Stand, from Stephen King, tells the story of an incurable virus that kills more than half the world, and now Awake presents us with a scenario in which insomnia becomes the worst threat and the reason why millions of people could die.

The trailer

The first glimpse of Awake It shows us Jill and her daughter Matilda, who must do everything possible to find a safe place after they discover that the end of the world could be caused by lack of sleep.

Jill is a former soldier and knows how to survive, but little Matilda hides a very important secret that will put their lives in danger, and that could be the key to saving the world before it’s too late.

What is the series about?

As with the apocalyptic stories, the incident happens suddenly and without warning, people realize that, whatever they do, sleeping is impossible and that will have its consequences, mainly manifested as a series of steps that begin with aggressiveness, continue with hallucinations and, eventually, they cause death.

The story revolves around an ex-soldier named Jill (Gina Rodríguez) And your daughter Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt, who appeared in Love and Monsters, one of the great guilty pleasures of Netflix), who seems to be the only person who still has the ability to sleep.

Gina Rodríguez stars in Awake

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The trailer reveals that, upon learning that Matilda can sleep, she becomes the key to saving humanity, but also the object of the madness of many, who believe that perhaps they should sacrifice the girl to save themselves. themselves. The scenario presents this dilemma: If a child were the world’s only salvation and using it could harm or kill it, is it justified to do so?

Can the insomnia kill us? If enough time passes, it can certainly lead us in that direction, so Jill, Matilda and the rest of the survivors will have to decide what to do and if they can sacrifice a girl in order to change an impossible situation.

When it premieres?

Awake (not to be confused with the 2007 film with Hayden Christensen) has a release date of June 9, 2021. And if after watching it you cannot sleep, Netflix also has a series on the guide to Headspace, where they have the tips, exercises and everything you need to know to sleep better and put an end to insomnia once and for all.

The cast

Gina Rodriguez (from Jane de Virgin) es Jill, Ariana Greenblatt It’s Matilda, and they accompany them Samier Anderson (who we just saw in Stowaway), Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight), Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan), Frances Ficher, Gil Bellows and Finn Joneslike some of the survivors who run into Jill and Matilda on the way.

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Awake: all about the Netflix movie that won’t let you sleep