Batman fans made Tom Hardy cry

Although expectations were high, no one expected the unrivaled franchise that Christopher Nolan started with Batman Begins – 84%. The director was not yet world famous and Christian Bale was a respected actor but not so popular as to think of him at the head of a superhero saga. Certainly Batman is one of the best known heroes, so a movie with him will almost certainly be well received at the box office, but the important thing about this trilogy was the good balance with the story and the rescue of forgotten aspects of its origin in the comics. .

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With a more realistic touch and with a clear theme for each installment, the films are among the favorites of the fans. Despite this, not everything was always positive. At the time, Nolan and Bale’s own choice was met with skepticism (not to forget the first reactions to the actor’s voice), as well as the news that Heath Ledger would give life to Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight. – 94%. In the end, these decisions proved to be the correct ones and, in that sense, they created many expectations for the closing of the trilogy that already suffered from that tendency to overanalyze every aspect of the advance and theorize without stopping.

By the time The Dark Knight Rises – 87% the public expected much more. The box office was excellent and the general reception was positive, but some details seemed unforgivable at the time, such as the performance of Marion Cotillard or the physical appearance and voice of Bane, played by Tom Hardy. You have to remember that Bane is one of the most interesting and dangerous villains in comics, but his appearance in Batman & Robin – 11% only served to discredit the character among those who never approached the comics.

That is why some did not know very well what to expect from the Bane of Tom Hardy. In the movie, the character is physically strong and capable of defeating Batman, but many criticized the vocal performance that seemed to not quite fit. Hardy knew it was a risk playing the character, as fans are rarely satisfied, but he never expected the critics to go that far.

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Recently an old interview with CineMovie where the actor revealed the emotional consequences he faced:

Batman is like Superman, Spider-Man, he belongs to so many people. Many people love it. It belongs to them, and when you get into that type of character you are going to fail. And you will be judged.

I am human and I read things. I read comments and cry. I can’t cry for everyone. I just hand them a job, and the best I can do. Just trust me. I trust Nolan.

As a whole, the end of the saga is appreciated, but it definitely did not fulfill everything that fans expected, especially after Ledger lost his life and his Joker could not return to the screen.

Although Hardy is now very comfortable as the protagonist of Venom – 35%, what happened on the tape Batman It left important effects on his health due to the way he gained so much weight in such a short time. The actor admitted a few years ago that he can no longer, nor is he interested, make those drastic changes with his weight for a role, because due to his age it is not something he can bear. We will soon see Hardy in Venom: Let There Be Carnage where he will continue to present himself as an action character, but without sacrificing so much of himself.

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Batman fans made Tom Hardy cry