Black Panther II: After Letitia Wright’s anti-vaccine tweet, social media users ask for her departure from the MCU

Although the character of Shuri is one of the most intelligent of Marvel, since she is considered a brilliant mind with skills for technology, the actress Letitia Wright (Death on the Nile, Avengers: Endgame – 95%, Black Panther – 90%), who gives life to the Princess of Wakanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has shown that she is not as close to science as King T’Challa’s sister is and, recently, has been very bad when sharing , on his Twitter account, an anti-vaccination video, just when the vaccination stage to combat COVID-19 has begun in some parts of the world.

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Based on the above, several Twitter users have begun to ask for the actress to leave, as they mention that all Marvel fans and their stories deserve a better and more congruent Shuri with the character (via Newsweek). Although a few days ago it was announced that Wright was probably harshly reprimanded by Marvel Studios, for fans a wake-up call is not enough and he has to leave the franchise.

The situation with the actress occurred as follows: at a time when the conversation about vaccines for COVID-19 is on the surface and, in fact, some parts of the world such as the United Kingdom have already begun to vaccinate his population, Wright shared on his Twitter account a video from the YouTube channel On The Table, which presents the opinions of Tomi Arayomi, Senior Leader of Light London Church.

In his comments, the priest not only questions the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, he also accuses China of spreading the virus, is skeptical of climate change and makes serious transphobic comments. In fact, Arayomi said that while he doesn’t understand how vaccines work, he has always been skeptical of them.

Wright shared the video and accompanied it with the praying hands emoji typically used to denote praise. As if that were not enough, in subsequent tweets, the young actress defended the video and claimed that nothing is tolerated anymore. From this, a large number of fans demonstrated on social networks to demand his departure from the MCU.

Some users even took pity on filmmaker Ryan Coogler (Creed: Champion’s Heart – 94%, Fruitvale Station – 94%), who after the death of lead actor Chadwick Boseman (5 Bloods – 100%, 42 – 79%) had to rethink the story of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and, surely, if Wright leaves, he would have to do it again. Here are some of the messages that ask for the actress to leave and even give possible names to replace her.

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this is not the shuri we deserve.

Ryan Coogler rewrites the Black Panther script for the third time by Letitia Wright.

Anyway, michaela coel for shuri.

In “Black Panther,” Letitia Wright plays an extremely intelligent scientist. This shows what a good actress she is, because in reality, she doesn’t believe in science at all and is transphobic.

If Marvel is going to trade Shuri, can we get Kiki Layne? Just skip the time, what, 5 years? Kiki is literally 29 years old in about 3 days, it can be done.

Switch to Shuri. There are many black actresses who can do justice to that role.

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Black Panther II: After Letitia Wright’s anti-vaccine tweet, social media users ask for her departure from the MCU