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In ‘Black Widow’ several characters were introduced to the MCU, among them, Red Guardian, who injected humor into the plot and left us with a question about their abilities: How did he get his powers?

Alexei Shostakov, better known as Red Guardian (David Harbor), is one of the new characters introduced in Black Widow and who inject a certain humor into the plot of the film. He is a character with superhuman strength and a lot of stamina who serves as the rival of the Soviet Union of Captain America (Chris Evans), which is why he is obsessed with the way the latter perceives him. But to all this, how did Red Guardian obtain its powers?

Although Black Widow Alexei’s abilities are emphasized, lifting a tank at the airport at the beginning of the film and enduring the bursts of bullets that were fired at him, actually it does not delve into what happened so that it had powers. We know that he had his glorious moments and important missions, to the degree that he was made action figures and he seemed to be an icon in the Soviet Union. However, with the fall of this nation, he was sent to the United States to be a sleeper agent, granting him a wife and two daughters. Back in his country, he was imprisoned for offending Dreykov (Ray Winstone) and spent a long time there until he was rescued.


The super soldier serum seems the most logical option for the Red Guardian to have obtained its powers. We know that Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) was the scientist who effectively created the formula that made Steve Rogers Captain America, though shortly after he was assassinated and took his secrets to the grave. However, we know that there have been many attempts to replicate the serum, even with some success if we judge what happened in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where we discover the existence of other characters with tremendous powers just because a similar formula has been injected. .

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Marvel Studios

David Harbor plays Alexei Shostakov, better known as Red Guardian.

Maybe the Soviet Union made their own version of the super soldier serumEither starting from scratch or, well, with the help of someone else who passed them information from the United States. HYDRA could have been the organization that gave him a sample of the formula, possibly the same one with which they turned Bucky (Sebastian Stan) into the Winter Soldier or that provided some notes from Abraham Erskine that paved the way for them. reach your goal of having your own superhero.

Marvel Studios

Red Guardian is Captain America’s Soviet rival.


Now that the X-Men are part of Marvel Studios, even though they haven’t used them yet, it becomes a possibility that they will start to reference mutants and Gen-X in some productions. As we know, Dreykov chose the girls he subjected to the Red Room and its subsequent mind control because their genes had the right potential to complete missions. This could also apply to Alexei, who would have had the right configuration of his genes to have powers since before he was Red Guardian, they only needed to empower them.


In the comics Red Guardian has been the alter ego of several characters, including Alexei, who has no powers. His main skill is as a pilot, helping to shoot down a lot of planes, which led to him being chosen for more secret missions. He is a KGB agent and his training included espionage techniques and hand-to-hand fighting, however, curiously, Shostakov does not possess any super powers, so it is all due to his abilities.

Of course, there is an android version of Red Guardian: Life Decoy Model (LMD, for its acronym in English) that has robotic and cybernetic capabilities. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the stories of the characters change compared to what is told in the comics, so it could be the case that we discover something more about the origin of the powers of Red Guardian if the character continues to be shown. big or small screen. The truth is that the character has the potential to be in more productions of the MCU, although for now it has not been confirmed in which other title it will appear; his past becomes relevant to be told at some point.

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‘Black Widow’: How did the Red Guardian get its powers? – Movie news