Brigitte Macron, the Elysée coach

By Olivier Faye and Solenn de Royer

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Brigitte Macron leaves the Marseille law faculty after a meeting with students on October 21, 2021.

Filmed awkwardly by a smartphone, the image of the slap begins to turn on social networks. Emmanuel Macron, immersed in a walkabout in Tain-l’Hermitage (Drôme), has just been slapped on June 8 by a far-right sympathizer. The Elysée advisers were immediately alerted, but the information has not yet made the rounds of the media. Brigitte Macron, she is held in secrecy. The President of the Republic wants to warn her himself, so as not to worry her. “He told me that over the phone as he tells me about his day”, she remembers.

In retrospect, the “first lady” sees in this stroke of madness the first symbolic act of a presidential campaign which promises to be marked by passions and violence. ” Everybody “ tells him that this one will be “Terrible”, “filthy”, much worse than in 2017. “And you, do you think this campaign is going to be violent?” “, she asks, falsely candid, taking a sip of rosé wine in the garden of the Elysee, lapped to the fact of returning questions to avoid having to answer them.

“If he is a candidate, I will continue to do what I am doing, President’s wife. I’m not going to start wearing “Vote Macron” t-shirts. »Brigitte Macron

At 68, Brigitte Macron has no equal when it comes to creating a diversion, taking you elsewhere, suddenly telling a funny anecdote, then leaving with a burst of laughter that takes you away from the subject mentioned above. Cautious, she avoids traps, persists in denying any political role with« Emmanuel ». However, it is to measure, with the approach of the presidential election, the extent of her influence that we met her on this sunny day in September.

She finally replied, reluctantly: “If he is a candidate, I will continue to do what I do, wife of president, she blurted out. I’m not going to start wearing “Vote Macron” t-shirts. “ She laughs. “It’s not for me to tell people who to vote for! ” Subliminally, then.

Apparent simplicity

Already involved in several causes relating to child protection, Brigitte Macron inherited in 2019 the presidency of the Hospitals Foundation and the operation “Yellow Pieces” from Bernadette Chirac. Like the former general councilor of the canton of Corrèze, she understood that an election is not won only from the stands of meetings, but also by embodying a reassuring point of reference for the French.

The former teacher, born in Amiens, fits perfectly in this provincial dress, wanting to be close to the realities of the people. For months, she has been touring hospitals, her own way of preparing the ground. “More than ever – if ever! -, you will see me in hospitals ”, she smiles. This apparent simplicity, often disarming, does not prevent her from wearing, the day we followed her to Marseille, a large Louis Vuitton badge on the lapel of the jacket. She is a close friend of Vuitton’s Deputy Managing Director, Delphine Arnault, daughter of luxury billionaire Bernard Arnault, who dresses her gracefully.

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Brigitte Macron, the Elysée coach

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