Call to boycott Mulan after Donnie Yen celebrated Hong Kong’s return to “the homeland of China”

Unfortunately it is not a recycled note, because not only does actress Yifei Liu have questionable positions on the recent demonstrations in Hong Kong, it seems that actor Donnie Yen is not on the side of the protesters either, something that has become evident after his last post on his official Facebook page. Users on social networks are fed up with this situation that will probably have no consequences on the main cast of Mulan – 83%, so today more than ever they demand #BoycottMulan.

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At the end of last year the world was shocked with the brutal images of the police repression in Hong Kong. The protests were against the Extradition Law, which sought to send alleged criminals from the metropolis to be tried in Chinese courts. No one felt safe with this new rule, so people decided to voice their disapproval on the streets. The fighting between the police and the most radical protesters reached all parts of the world, setting a precedent for the tense situation that is currently being experienced. Despite this, the protagonist of Mulán’s live-action – 86% expressed their support for the uniformed men rather than the people, which earned the rejection of fans who have been waiting for the film.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and with greater control over protesters, the Chinese government recently passed the Security Law for Hong Kong, which restricts the freedoms of citizens and criminalizes any act of subversion or collusion with foreigners. . As if this restriction of the right to demonstrate was not serious enough, the actor of Chinese origin Donnie Yen, who will play the role of Commander Tung in Niki Caro’s film, shared on his Facebook a post that has left his fans disappointed and has sparked the hashtag #BoycottMulan.

The post that bothered social media users so much is one where Donnie Yen celebrates the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to what he calls “the homeland of China.” In it he recalls a moment a few years ago where he appeared in front of the president of the East Asian country, for which several fans have been accusing him of propaganda to the Communist Party and putting the institutions on people (via

First, Mulan’s protagonist Liu Yifei supported police brutality in Hong Kong. Now, co-star Donnie Yen celebrates Beijing’s tyrannical rule over Hong Kong. This is shameful! Is the entire cast compatible with the Communist Party of China? If you support human rights and democracy, please #BoycottMulan!

Donnie Yen claimed that he is fighting for the Chinese while propaganda for the Communist Party of China. He may be the best in his field, but he is one of those hypocrites who choose profit over his own people. And he is in Mulan! Just more reasons for us to #BoycottMulan!

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So this is another reason to do #BoycottMulan and it is so shameful and dishonorable that Liu Yifei and Donnie Yen are US citizens. They support the brutality in Hong Kong and the tyrannical rules of the Communist Party of China over Hong Kong.

Thanks for reminding people of the #BoycottMulan. And here is an update. Mulan’s supporting actor Donnie Yen also sides with the Communist Party of China against the citizens of Hong Kong.

That? Two Chinese stars in Disney’s Mulan supporting communist China’s bloody crackdown on Hong Kong, what the hell are you promoting Disney? TERRORISM?? Solid #BoycottMulan.

Dear supporters, I invite you to the #BoycottMulan. The main cast Liu Yifei and Donnie Yen support police brutality and repression against freedom and justice, against HK and the freedom fighters in China, while enjoying freedom as American citizens. It is not Mulan and Li Shang who protect, they are with the suppressor.

Mulán It will be released in theaters on August 21. Will the boycott have an impact? We have to wait to know it …

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Call to boycott Mulan after Donnie Yen celebrated Hong Kong’s return to “the homeland of China”