Casey Affleck praises Ana de Armas

This week everyone was surprised by the images of a cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas, life-size, being thrown away in front of the house of Ben Affleck. Some photographs that you can see in HELLO! So what confirmed the breakup of the couple, despite the fact that both still maintained a cordial relationship and spoke frequently on the phone, as has been published People in the last days. So much so, that not only the protagonist of Good Will Hunting he saw the best qualities of the Spanish-Cuban actress, but it is something that the entire family of the artist is clear. Casey, the interpreter’s best brother, has shown this in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

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“The reality, I think, is that this year has been very difficult for people who had relationships,” said Casey Affleck, in full promotion of his new film Our Friend. “I do not say it from my own experience because I have been single, but there have been many people who … you know, it has been a challenge for relationships, “said the 45-year-old actor, who only has good words for his older brother’s ex.” I think Ana is the most sweet, funny, smart and charming“confessed the Oscar winner for Manchester by the sea. “I don’t think I have a problem meeting someone,” he said sincerely.

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In addition, he not only compliments her on her personal side but also considers that her best years in Hollywood await her. “I’ve seen her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in this movie called Blonde, which has not yet come out, and I would bet a lot that she is going to take all the awards “, Casey commented.” She is going to have a good year, I am not worried about her, I think she is a great game in every way, “he added. About his brother Ben, 48-year-old actor Interstellar He has said that he does not think he has problems either. “My advice to them is to think it throughBecause confinement is not fun at all when you are single, “he joked. In addition, he has denied that the person who threw the Ana cutout in real size was not him.


People confirmed that Ben and Ana weren’t dating this week, and that the reason for the breakup was that their relationship had gotten complicated because the actress does not want to maintain a residence in Los Angeleswhile he wants to be close to his family. “It was a mutual decision and they have remained as friends,” said a source close to the ex-partner. “They are at different points in their life, they have a deep love for each other“, he added.

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This Friday it was announced that No time to die, the new film in the Bond saga in which Ana de Armas appears, has been delayed again (for the third time), now to October. However, the actress has three other projects pending release, including the one that shot in New Orleans with Ben Affleck, Deep water.

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Casey Affleck praises Ana de Armas