Your face is familiar to me: Where have you seen Cobie Smulders?

Surely we all know Cobie Smulders for his role in the comedy ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but it is not his only job. The actress has not stopped launching herself on different adventures during these years, from television comedies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. Can you tell us any of their roles? The … Read more

Sarah Wayne Callies beyond ‘Prison Break’

The ‘Lost’ effect it is something we still have to deal with today. Dozens and dozens of series have tried to take the place of this huge television phenomenon, and one of the first was ‘Prison Break’. The influence of JJ Abrams and his team in this prison series is indisputable, from that tension-filled rhythm … Read more

Paul Bettany talks about Vision’s future at UCM

The WandaVision star talks to fans of the final cameo trolling and the future of Vision beyond the just-ended series. The relationship of Paul Bettany With the Marvel Cinematic Universe it began as these things begin: a phone call, a half-formal request and the subsequent response, but as Bettany tells us, this correlation of facts … Read more

“Lord of the Rings” series is singled out for lack of diversity

Actor Ludi Lin pointed out the lack of Asian actors in the production | New Line Cinema Even though the series has not yet reached the public or has even presented a first advance, “Lord of the Rings”, the expensive exclusive production for Amazon Prime, already received by actor Ludi Lin because it has a … Read more

Movies based on video games that deserve a second chance

Movies based on video games that deserve a second chance Video games have been a constant in the world of cinema for a long time. Filled with unique characters and unique stories, they represent an “easy” opportunity to be a great start for potential Hollywood film franchises. However, while game-based movies have great potential, only … Read more

FASHION | EMMYS | LOOKS | EMMY AWARDS | EMMY 2021 | The latest looks that took our breath away at the awards ceremony | VIU

1 from 15 Emmy Awards: The latest looks that took our breath away at the awards ceremony The Emmy Awards will be held today at 5:00 pm at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, United States. Some of the most anticipated stars of the evening will be Elizabeth Olsen, Zendaya, Annya Taylor Joy and Lily … Read more

Dinosaurs Come To Life At Jurassic World: The Exhibition

2934 Taylor Street Photos Facebook Twitter Pinterest “Jurassic World: The Exhibition” opened to welcome eager fans June 18 at Grandscape in The Colony. Tickets are selling fast for this dazzling display of dinosaurs, presented by Round Room Live and Cityneon. For ticket information, visit The exciting, interactive exhibition is produced in conjunction with Universal … Read more

The End of Miramax | Screen Rant

I’m going to throw out a few movie titles: Reservoir Dogs, The English Patient, Clerks, Pulp Fiction, My Left Foot, The Piano, Shakespeare In Love, Trainspotting, Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Swingers, and Chicago. Now I’m going to toss you a few names you might recognize: Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, Jon Favreau, Anna … Read more

The triumph comes through a stroke of luck, one triumphs because it touches a stroke of luck, regardless of how hard you work and how talented you are “I have many storytellers inside me”

It is midsummer in Los Angeles and in the refrigerated interior of the huge set of the Sunset Gower Studios, the same ones in which they filmed The Three Stooges, Clark Cable, James Stewart and Humphrey Bogart, the sets for the television version of The boys in the band. The bet is not small, it … Read more