Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the line: the blessing of Johnny Cash – La Tercera

Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the line the blessing of Johnny

The film that reviews the milestones in the life of Johnny Cash, begins with two key moments: the concert he gave in Folsom Prison in 1968, and a trip to his early childhood, when he was not over 10 years old and was listening to an old radio the voice of June Carter, a child … Read more

With Blackkklansman, Spike Lee tells Trump what we’re all thinking

With Blackkklansman Spike Lee tells Trump what were all thinking

Blackkklansman It is a product not only of the mind of Spike Lee, but from the social context in which we find ourselves. Lee shows that we have not changed, that we are not more evolved, nor are we more tolerant, we remain the same haters always, we just know how to hide it better … Read more

Review Hunt For the Wilderpeople: A La Caza de los Ñumanos: We have already seen it!

Review Hunt For the Wilderpeople A La Caza de los

It is now available in DVD and Blu-ray the movie Hunt For the Wilderpeople: A La Caza de los Ñumanos, the last tape of Taika Waititi, director of What We Do in the Shadows and in charge of the next adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok, third installment starring Chris Hemsworth (In the … Read more

Juno Offers First 3D View of Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Juno Offers First 3D View of Jupiters Atmosphere

Jupiter’s banded appearance is created by the “weather layer” that forms the clouds. This composite image shows views of Jupiter (from left to right) in infrared and visible light taken by the Gemini North telescope and NASA’s Hubble space telescope, respectively. Credits: Gemini International Observatory / NOIRLab / NSF / AURA / NASA / ESA, … Read more

BWW INTERVIEWS: The four protagonists of GREASE tell us about their experience

BWW INTERVIEWS The four protagonists of GREASE tell us about

This season the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid has once again become the Rydell Institute with the new production of GREASE, from the hand of SOM Produce. Unlike the previous versions, in this case the musical has a young cast, at the age of the characters they play. Their protagonists, Quique Gonzalez (Danny, 18), Lucia … Read more

The cellphone bag-case and other disturbing predictions from ‘Clueless’ | News, Fashion | S Fashion EL PAÍS

The cellphone bag case and other disturbing predictions from Clueless

“I actually have a super normal life for a teenage girl. I get up, brush my teeth and choose my clothes for high school ”, narrates the protagonist in the opening sequence of the film, while opening a program on her computer that proposes different combinations with her immense dressing room, and shows her –virtually– … Read more

10 things you didn’t know about the ‘Love Actually’ cast

10 things you didnt know about the Love Actually cast

Released in Spain on November 21, 2003, ‘Love Actually’ changed ‘ipso facto’ and forever the paradigm of Christmas movies, becoming a modern and unrepeatable classic. His scenes, how the stories are interspersed, the empathy we feel with the characters … The cast is precisely one of the strengths of ‘Love Actually’. its distribution It is … Read more

Mean Girls: What happened to the original cast of the film?

Mean Girls What happened to the original cast of the

So fetch! After 17 years of its premiere, Mean Girls continues to be one of the chick flicks favorites, with iconic characters and phrases and moments como “On Wednesdays, we wear pink [los miércoles usamos rosa]”or the long-remembered October 3, which has become ‘Mean Girls Day’. This special occasion references a line Cady, played by … Read more

10 Things I Hate About You: La comedia adolescente perfecta

10 Things I Hate About You La comedia adolescente perfecta

The teen comedy is already considered a cult classic. Photo: Buena Vista Pictures. The teen comedy genre in film is greatly underrated. And it is that anyone can write about adolescents, but it requires a special talent to write for adolescents. We could say that the pioneer in this field was Jonh Hughes, screenwriter and … Read more

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