“Green delivery in urban areas should not be the tree that hides a forest of carbon emissions”

Green delivery in urban areas should not be the tree

Tribune. Epiphenomenon or profound upheaval in our society, we observe the emergence of a new model of metropolises called “quarter-hour cities”, according to the concept proposed by the academic Carlos Moreno. In this ideal urban model, citizens can obtain everything that is essential to their existence within fifteen minutes on foot or five minutes by … Read more

In “De la haine du juif”, Pascal Ory thwarts the traps of history

In De la haine du juif Pascal Ory thwarts the

Delivered. It takes a great deal of courage for the historian Pascal Ory to endeavor to question the long genealogy of the hatred of the Jew, whose vocabulary attests the mutations as the variation of the claimed foundations. Without the subtitle “Historical essay”, the study could be taken for a pamphlet so it takes courage … Read more

From Athenian democracy to the Fifth Republic, what drives us to vote?

From Athenian democracy to the Fifth Republic what drives us

By Marion Dupont Posted today at 07:30 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThe object of a long political and systematized battle with the Third Republic, the election of representatives is only one form of democracy. Become evident, universal suffrage is more and more shunned by the electorate. How to give it back meaning? At the start … Read more

The American Right Against Women’s Rights

The American Right Against Womens Rights

Editorial of the “World”. A decisive battle for women’s rights began on Wednesday 1is December at the United States Supreme Court. By choosing to take up a law passed by the conservative state of Mississippi restricting the use of abortion, instead of relying on the decisions of intermediary bodies which had found its unconstitutional character, … Read more

Extension of abortion times in France: “Let’s put an end to gender-based violence that does not speak its name”

Extension of abortion times in France Lets put an end

Tribune. At the end of the first confinement, requests for voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) exploded, exposing the problem of a legal deadline of only twelve weeks. Member of Parliament Albane Gaillot (ex-La République en Marche) and Senator Laurence Rossignol (SOC), supported by many associations, then file a Law proposition to extend the legal deadline. … Read more

“For sustainable, responsible and trusted digital”

For sustainable responsible and trusted digital

Tribune. Laurence Boone, chief economist at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), recently said: “Digital technology and the climate are at the heart of everything” (The cross, October 26). We share this conviction and we fully adhere to it. And we want to wear it! It is at the heart of the proposals … Read more

West Indies: autonomy should not be a taboo

West Indies autonomy should not be a taboo

Editorial of the “World”. Once again, once again, and certainly not the last, the West Indies are set ablaze. As before them Guyana, Reunion or Mayotte. At first glance, the current crisis, triggered by opposition to the health pass and the refusal of the vaccination obligation by a minority of nursing staff and firefighters, has … Read more

Validism, an analysis of social relations through the prism of disability

Validism an analysis of social relations through the prism of

At Les Capucins hospital, in Angers, in May 2021. JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP History of a notion. White privilege, intersectionality, gender studies, etc. A whole new vocabulary is emerging in the social sciences today. The intention is often the same: to recall the social dimension of phenomena that we tend to naturalize and to insist … Read more

Covid-19: tackling global vaccine inequality

Covid 19 tackling global vaccine inequality

Editorial of the “World”. Once again, the borders are closing under the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally identified in South Africa, which reacted quickly with a commendable concern for transparency, the new variant, called Omicron, is already at work in Europe, Asia and North America. Many countries have suspended air links with southern African … Read more

Covid long: “It is not ethical to criticize scientific work in a mainstream newspaper”

Covid long It is not ethical to criticize scientific work

Tribune. In a column published in The world of November 23, entitled “Is the long Covid really an imaginary disease?” », A group composed mainly of university doctors seriously questioned an article published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine which suggests that persistent physical symptoms after infection with SARS-CoV-2 may be associated more with belief … Read more

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