2022 presidential pre-campaign: guts to the detriment of reason

2022 presidential pre campaign guts to the detriment of reason

Editorial of the “World”. The presidential campaign has not yet started but the preselection of the candidates which is taking place at the moment before our eyes does not encourage much optimism. Certainly important subjects such as security or immigration are overvalued in order to create fear; others, essential, such as the future of the … Read more

“Since the election of Joe Biden, the Republicans have waged a campaign to subvert the expression of the popular will”

Since the election of Joe Biden the Republicans have waged

Donald Trump and Joe Biden, after a televised debate, in Nashville (Tennessee), in October 2020. JULIO CORTEZ / AP Tribune. American democracy is in danger. We narrowly escaped it in the 2020 election and the machinations that followed, but next time we probably won’t be so lucky. Since the American Civil War, our homeland has … Read more

“Companies can now display carbon neutrality devoid of any physical reality”

Companies can now display carbon neutrality devoid of any physical

Tribune. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines carbon neutrality as the balance, on a global scale, between CO2 emissions and removals2 anthropogenic over a given period. In line with the definition of the IPCC, the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe) recalls that the concept of carbon neutrality has “Really meaningful only on the scale … Read more

“The origins of the human sciences”, by John Goldsmith and Bernard Laks: a serene course

The origins of the human sciences by John Goldsmith and

“At the origins of the human sciences. Linguistics, philosophy, logic, psychology. 1840-1940 ”(Battle in The Mind Fields), by John Goldsmith and Bernard Laks, translated from English (United States) by Anne Przewozny-Desriaux and Patricia Rousseau, French edition reviewed by the authors, Folio,“ Essais ” , unpublished, 1,008 p., € 12.30, digital € 12. Sum devoted to … Read more

“Readers’ words” – Is Jean-Michel Blanquer the Don Quixote of “wokism”?

Readers words Is Jean Michel Blanquer the Don Quixote of

Jean-Michel Blanquer holds the record for the longest stay in rue de Grenelle. He is proud of having reformed – at a rapid pace and against the advice of all the teachers – the high school and the baccalaureate. He also recently published a pamphlet to celebrate the fact that French schools remained open during … Read more

“Readers’ words” – Australian submarines: the United States is an island!

Readers words Australian submarines the United States is an

DIn the major French dailies as well as in the television media, we reflect in a Franco-French way, evoking global geopolitics, universality, history, humanitarian concepts. France is a continental country. But among the Anglo-Saxon “islanders” (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand), policy changes according to contracts, as the United Kingdom illustrates by seeking to … Read more

“Protecting the whistleblower and the whistleblower is a major social issue”

Protecting the whistleblower and the whistleblower is a major social

Tribune. More than ever, the news shows to what extent the whistleblowers are essential for the proper functioning of democracy. From Frances Haugen’s revelations about how Facebook favors profit over the safety of its users, to the “Pandora Papers” which once again shed a harsh light on tax evasion, not a day goes by without … Read more

“There can be no exit from carbon without real redistribution of income and assets”

There can be no exit from carbon without real redistribution

Environmental activists protest as world leaders participate in COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, November 3, 2021. BAY ISMOYO / AFP Lhe COP26 started in Glasgow (Scotland). Let’s say it right off the bat: our chances of keeping global temperature rise 2 ° C below pre-industrial levels are not good. The continuation of current trends is pushing … Read more

Nativism, a nostalgia for identity

Nativism a nostalgia for identity

First, a definition of the purpose of this book. Nativism is an ideology according to which the degree of belonging to a nation is measured in terms ofs of “seniority”, and therefore, of a certain form of “purity” – there are French “of stock”, others “of paper”. The nativist conception of society thus rules out … Read more

“” Energy crisis “and nuclear revival: an air of déjà vu”

Energy crisis and nuclear revival an air of deja

Chronic. Did the engineers of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) invent the time machine? The “energy crisis” is making a big comeback in public debate, and President Macron is relaunching nuclear power. In small yesterday (the « Small Modular Reactors »), and probably on a large scale before Christmas (the EPR reactors). All this has an … Read more

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