Beijing Olympics: the inevitable question of human rights

Beijing Olympics the inevitable question of human rights

Editorial of the “World”. In China, eliminating those who are not in line with the Communist Party or who harm its interests is a classic practice. The lack of news of tennis player Peng Shuai, who publicly accused former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of raping her, once again shows that China is going to stop … Read more

Jean Pisani-Ferry: “From the perspective of the 2022 presidential election, clarity on the choices is a condition of the legitimacy of the action to come”

Jean Pisani Ferry From the perspective of the 2022 presidential election

The Elysée Palace, in Paris, on November 10, 2021. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Chronic. A presidential election is used to choose a person, but just as much to define and decide collective choices. This is what happened in 2007, and more or less in 2017. But this was not the case for Mitterrand’s second term, … Read more

“In the dioceses of France, requests made in the service of exorcism are very numerous”

In the dioceses of France requests made in the service

Don Gabriele Amorth, exorcist of the diocese of Rome and honorary president of the Association of exorcists, in Rome, in October 2005. GIULIO NAPOLITANO / AFP Who are the exorcists? Who are the possessed, the demons and the devils to be exorcised? How does an exorcism session take place? Researcher at the University of Lyon … Read more

“The hegemony of digital platforms is a danger for democracy”

The hegemony of digital platforms is a danger for democracy

Tribune. Digital is everywhere. It has invaded our living space. This is true for the fields of health, transport, finance and banking, leisure and communication. This is also true for the field of information. In 2020, 88% of French people over the age of 12 say they connect to the Internet every day or several … Read more

“Russia is a country in a state of permanent post-traumatic stress”

Russia is a country in a state of permanent post traumatic

Tribune. One of Russia’s most painful problems is that of historical memory. It is a country in a state of permanent post-traumatic stress. His most serious psychological trauma is the memory of the Stalinist terror, when, according to the most moderate estimates, around 1 million people were executed and 5 million sent to camps. Analysis … Read more

“OK millennials! “, By Brice Couturier, or the fear of the” woke “

OK millennials By Brice Couturier or the fear of

Delivered. Between the generations, a gap has opened up, particularly between grandparents 68 and grandchildren born at the start of the millennium, journalist and essayist Brice Couturier is convinced. Blame it on the “woke ideology” or, according to the author’s expression, “The cultural revolution woke”. We must understand by this the new left, which the … Read more

To fight against incest, “we must integrate education into the body from the kindergarten class”

To fight against incest we must integrate education into the

Tribune. In France in 2021, two or three children per class would be victims of incest. While, this November 20, is celebrated on the International Day of the Rights of the Child, this figure – one among dozens – should ask us about the application in France of article 19 of the International Convention on … Read more

The future protection mandate for oneself, a useful contract to prepare for one’s old age

The future protection mandate for oneself a useful contract to

There are no more than 6,000 future protection mandates in France. FABRICE POINCELET/ONOKY / PHOTONONSTOP Ne are living older and that is happy. However, we are not all equal in old age and some of us will see our faculties seriously diminish. This period of great fragility requires protection, taking into account our lifestyle. Relying … Read more

Pascal Brice, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Romain Goupil: faced with the migration crisis, “the EU cannot turn into a financier of barbed wire”

Pascal Brice Daniel Cohn Bendit and Romain Goupil faced with the

Tribune. A few thousand men, women and children are trapped in the cold and hunger on the border between Belarus and Poland. This situation results from the limitless cynicism of the Belarusian regime, which organizes the arrival of these migrants at the eastern borders of the European Union (EU) to throw them into a deadly … Read more

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