5 reasons to watch ‘Selena + Chef’, Selena Gomez’s entertaining cooking show on HBO Max

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Many series and movies came out of confinement, but few formats as successful as Selena + Chef, Selena Gomes’ cooking show on HBO Max, in which we can learn to cook recipes from all over the world with it in real time from renowned international chefs.

The actress, singer and producer, whom we saw recently in Only murders in the building At Disney +, one of the series surprises of the year, took advantage, like so many others, of the quarantine to create content for streaming platforms. Yours, has achieved transcend the technical and aesthetic limitations of social distance A must of the moment, thanks to a high level of production that allows you to continue with the same style season after season. It is already renewed for a fourth.

We cook in real time with Selena Gomes and a chef

Many of us have become used to cooking with the tablet on the counter, either to follow a recipe or to watch a series that keeps us company. With Selena + Chef we can do both, because in each episode she prepares, with the guidance of a cook who you see on your screen, one or more recipes from scratch and step by step.

We learn tricks from international chefs

If you’ve ever watched shows like Top chef The MasterChef In its international editions you will recognize the guest chefs of each episode. Ludo Lefebvre, Curtis Stone, Marcus Samuelson, Antonia Lofaso or the Spanish José Andrés, are some of those who teach Selena their recipes, cooking tricks and share an anecdote.

In the third season, which has already been released in the United States, they appear Padma Lakshmi, Richard Blais o Jamie Oliver. For her participation, Selena Gomes donates $ 10,000 to the charity chosen by each cook that they talk about at the end of the program.

Tanya Holland is one of the guest cooks on ‘Selena + Chef’.

We discover recipes from all over the world

The recipes that we can prepare in the program are dishes of different cuisines and of all levels. From some staples, such as the perfect French omelette, a traditional guacamole, miso soup or brusquettes, to more elaborate ones such as Korean tacos, gnocchi, ramen or glazed salmon.

They are all easy to followBecause Selena Gomes has no cooking experience, and if she can, we all can. The recipes are varied and include starters, main courses, desserts, canapes and toasts, with different ingredients and some vegetarian options.

Selena and her best friends in the third season of 'Selena + Chef'.

Selena and her best friends in the third season of ‘Selena + Chef’.

Cooking and humor, a perfect recipe

Selena Gomes was caught confinement in a new house with her grandparents and her best friend. She, like many of us, took to cooking and looking for new recipes, but took advantage of the fact that she had a huge and bright brand new kitchen to do it in a big way and share it with us.

The tone of the show is perhaps its greatest success. It’s light, fun and natural, because we see her make mistakes with the reaction of the chefs live and take it with a lot of humor. Also, the dynamic with her family and her friend is very entertaining to watch. From the second season, after the quarantine, she is also accompanied in the kitchen by other of her friends and her little sister. It is a program that encourages cooking, but we can also passively watch as a comedy because it has a very good vibe and leaves a good taste in the mouth.

View of one of the cameras in the kitchen of 'Selena + Chef'.

View of one of the cameras in the kitchen of ‘Selena + Chef’.

The initial technical deployment

Selena + Chef makes the video conference format its main virtue. At the beginning of each program, Selena lets us see the various cameras that she has installed at different points in her kitchen and the large screen where she will see the cooks, who in turn have a professional camera in their kitchen, and another screen to See her. Us we never see the typical multiscreen of the Zoom era, because it is produced remotely. The montage has a great sense of humor and takes advantage of Selena Gomes’ discography to score music.

It began to be recorded in this way due to the protocols of the pandemic, but how remote production was not conceived as a limitation but as an opportunity, the series has been able to continue maintaining the same style, which allows you to invite chefs from all over the world.

The first two seasons of ‘Selena + Chef’ are available on HBO Max.

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5 reasons to watch ‘Selena + Chef’, Selena Gomez’s entertaining cooking show on HBO Max

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