Adele’s new life: another couple, divorce and 70 kilos less

AdeleAt 33, she is considered the biggest record seller so far this century. He has been surprising for a long time with his extraordinary mezzo-soprano voice, and a unique style that combines the genres of soul and pop. His relationship with jazz is palpable: Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, no less, were his idols since he started singing at the age of four. But if she is known throughout the world with her musical qualities, we cannot ignore her spectacular physical change: in some years she has lost 70 kilos following a diet known in English as sirtfood. Google those interested.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins He was born in the London borough of Totteham and had a troubled childhood and adolescence. His father, a Welshman, abandoned the mother of Adele how much this was a baby. A masseur by profession, she had to manage to bring the girl forward with many efforts. Needless to say that Adele knew the family misery and a series of calamities until fortune smiled on him as a singer, thanks of course to his innate musical talent and the enormous effort to succeed. I save you those passages of his life to tell you how his life has been in recent times.

She secretly married the British businessman in 2016 Simon Konecki, but it was not until a year later that they did not give the news to the press. They are the parents of a child, Angelo. Everything was going well between them until they got paid, getting divorced a few months ago. Everything in harmony, without throwing any object at your head. And the most fundamental: they agreed to share custody of the child. What we see a bit complicated, because Adele went to live in the United States logically taking Angelo with her. The boy constantly asks him why his dad no longer lives with them. And Adele has not been able to explain clearly the reasons for that situation, although she has told him something that we do not know if Angelo will understand: that on his new album there is a song where he explains why they are no longer together. Adele just confessed in an interview with Vogue that he feels guilty when he realizes how bad Angelo is going through.

The song Adele refers to is entitled “Easy On Me”, which has already been released in a video. It is on his fourth album, that his followers they were already waiting impatiently since since “Hello” appeared in 2015, the diva had not gotten into a recording studio. We imagine that because of the pandemic, his failed wedding, the attention to his little boy … There will be slaps and queues, for sure, in record stores when that novelty goes on sale: on November 19.

Adele and her new partner | Instagram

Feeling without a man by her side, Adele thought she must find a new love for herself. In principle, last year, when her husband had already disappeared from her life, she replaced him with a rapper named Skepta. And since Adele is generous and has plenty of money, they say that to make herself loved she gave her a multi-karat gold pendant. Either the rapper was stupid or he didn’t like to wear jewelry on top of his threadbare T-shirt – Adele spent little time with him. But immediately he noticed Rich Paul, a rich sports agent well known in the North American world of the NBA, whom “money, money” insiders estimate that he has forty-five million dollars in the banks. His name is Rich for a reason. For now, Adele has sympathized with him, not caring that he is black. In cases like this, xenophobia does not exist. What we don’t know is whether little Angelo starts calling him Daddy or Uncle Rich.

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Adele’s new life: another couple, divorce and 70 kilos less

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