Anthony Hopkins, a deserved Oscar

Anthony Hopkins stars in ‘The Father’.

On Sunday, April 25, the 93rd Oscar Awards ceremony was held, a ceremony that had the lowest television audience in its history.

This ceremony was seen in the United States by about 10 million people, which means a drop of about 60 percent from the almost 24 million who tuned in last year.

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Once the names of the winners were announced in the various facets, there were no major surprises when it was announced that the Oscar awarded to best actor favored Anthony Hopkins for his performance in The father, a film about the tribulations suffered by an old man suffering from Alzheimer’s.

We had the opportunity to see the film and we can truly qualify as masterful the performance of an Anthony Hopkins whose age is already over 83 years old. Without losing a single moment of the film, at times, we almost took the place of the protagonist by confusing people, situations and dialogues.

The film is about an old man who lives in a sad and gloomy London apartment and has only his daughter for company, who, seeking to rebuild his life, will soon leave, leaving his father in an asylum.

Both for the performance of a great actor and for the message that the plot gives, we conclude that the film is of excellent quality

Of tremendous impact that scene in which the husband or partner of his daughter challenges the poor old man to the extreme of giving him a few slaps.

Both in such a dramatic scene and during the rest of the plot, Anthony Hopkins embodies his role making us better understand the sadness that afflicts those who – because they are left alone and lose their memory – are condemned to live submerged in the world of shadows.

Considering that the criterion for qualifying the quality of a work is that a balance be struck between substance and form, in the case of The father, As much for the performance of a great actor as for the message that the plot gives, we conclude that the film is of an excellent quality.

So magnificent is the decision of the Hollywood Academy to award veteran actor Anthony Hopkins the Oscar for best performance. An actor of British nationality, which already explains everything since England has given the world great actors who were formed starting in the theater and then standing out in the world of the Seventh Art. Let’s not forget that one of the most renowned British actors was Richard Burton.

We have seen several films in which Anthony Hopkins has played the leading role and in all of them his performance has been that of a renowned teacher. Who does not remember when he played Hannibal, that refined cannibal who was a cultured man, who lived in big cities and who – with a finesse that concealed his coldness – sacrificed human beings and then ate them?

And who does not remember him playing Richard Nixon, an all-powerful politician in appearance but who – tied hand and foot – depended on the hidden forces that control the System?

Anthony Hopkins, an outstanding actor, a true master who has already gone down in history and whose latest film, The father, Nobody should be lost since, apart from delighting us with an outstanding performance, it offers us valuable lessons that invite personal improvement.



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Anthony Hopkins, a deserved Oscar

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