Anthony Hopkins and his rules for success and life

Anthony Hopkins He is one of the few actors who has managed to maintain constant recognition in film and theater. Starting from the 60’s, the man has been active and even managed to win a Oscar award at the age of 83. At that age, he has a few lessons that he has shared with fellow actors and other people, and he is undoubtedly an example to follow to achieve success and happiness in life (because if he has shown something on TikTok it is that he is happy to continue in this world).

As a way to simplify this wisdom, we’ve compiled some quotes you’ve mentioned over the years that alone serve as life lessons. So if you want a little of the magic of Anthony Hopkins (who has left a really long list of good tapes) takes note.

Do something new

“Do something new. You can’t stay in your comfort zone, “the actor commented during a conference, referring to the constant change despite age.” That’s what we all do. We reach a certain age and stay in the comfort zone in our recliners watching TV all day. It is not worth it, life is very short and there are many glorious images in the world and horrible things, but I want to see it all so I have stepped out of my comfort zone. It is essential for me or else I will die. ”

Find ways to get inspired

Regarding success, Hopkins He noted that he felt insecure on stage or addressing some characters, and to do so, he opted for an inspiration method. “He used to write me notes and put them on the desk, saying things like ‘You can do anything’, ‘With faith you can move mountains’, ‘Trust and free yourself’, and so on. I threw myself into it and when negative things came to my mind, I made those positive sounds, said I could do it, and visualized myself doing it. ” This led him to be one of the best actors in theater.

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Not living in the past

Anthony Hopkins points out that one of the worst things we can do is live remembering things from the past, and that he would even rather be dead because if he kept thinking about his past glory he would not be able to fully enjoy life “I know people who live in the past and they talk of something that happened to them 30 years ago. They are like zombies, I can’t be with those people because I want to commit suicide. It gives me guilt that I am so happy and that they are so miserable, “said The Father actor.

Do not analyze it

“Don’t analyze it, do it,” said a director to Hopkins, after he hesitated to take a character on stage. The man also points out that he came to think that life was a great rehearsal until someone told him that the great show is the one that everyone lives, there is no trial period. It doesn’t matter if the job goes well or badly, the point is to do it, and here we are not only talking about acting, but it fits in with different aspects of life.

Enjoy what you do

The above idea influences this next point. Hopkins He has undoubtedly been known for being very open and having a good time at all times. And that was the lesson he has given to other actors who worry about whether or not a scene will turn out well: “Enjoy it, stop understanding it, just enjoy it.” In the end, perfectionism is a double-edged sword, and that can take the pleasure out of something we love, like our career.

Be daring

“Be daring and magical forces will come to your aid.” That’s a phrase he mentioned once when he talked about when Oliver Stone invited him to play Richard Nixon in a movie. First he refused but then he was convinced by the director and in the end he was able to deliver one of his best performances. This has prompted him to continue challenging himself as an actor, looking for interesting roles. And of course, that has led to success.

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Anthony Hopkins and his rules for success and life

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