Anthony Hopkins and the incredible movies he starred in in his career

It’s hard to believe that, being one of the giants of Hollywood, Anthony Hopkins he only has one Oscar award (obviously for his role as the brilliant Hannibal Lecter on The Silence of the Lamb, and has another 5 nominations), especially since he has around 140 titles as an actor (not all films) and seeing him among the names associated with a project has been, for a few decades, synonymous with guarantee and greatness.

At 83, Philip Anthony Hopkins he keeps working and proving that he is one of the great teachers and that cinema is his true passion. He’s charismatic, magnetic, chameleonic, and mesmerizing, and he can go from a brilliant and ghoulish psychiatrist to a frail man with dementia that makes you cry and reminisce about your own mortality.

If we were to describe him in one word, we could say that the British actor is huge, but that does not quite define him, there really are no words to describe his genius (which I could take as an excuse to be the most obnoxious, but the Power and fame do not seem to have affected him and from time to time he lets us see that he does not take himself too seriously, as when he appeared dancing salsa in his Instagram Stories). The only thing we can do is sit and see how he shines in each role that he transforms and makes his own, and the magic that he manages to create while allowing the rest of his teammates, to be Jodie Foster, Chris Hemsworth u Olivia Colmanhave your moment.

They no longer make them like Anthony Hopkins, the good thing is that we have dozens of films to understand their influence on cinema and to continue to be inspired to achieve great things, or simply to enjoy Hannibal, King Lear, John Clancy y Odin in stories to which no one can remain indifferent.

The must-see films of Anthony Hopkins:

The Father

Nominated for 6 awards Oscar, The Father it is a portrait of human fragility, of the loss of memory and identity, and of the cycle of life that always leaves us as defenseless as when we first came into the world. Hopkins plays an older man suffering from dementia and Florian Zeller, director of the film, did everything possible to lead us down the same path, playing with the settings, the music and even the characters to make us feel the same as a man desperately trying to make sense of his memories and ideas. Hopkins does an exceptional, humane and moving job, just like Olivia Colman, who gives life to a daughter who makes us experience the pain of seeing our heroes wither.

The Silence of the Lambs

Classic of classics and probably the most iconic film in Hopkins’ career. Hannibal Lecter was the character that gave the actor his first and only Oscar, plus he has a place in the history books as one of the greatest movie villains. Silence of the Lambs It’s not just about Lecter, but about a brilliant FBI rookie who must enlist the help of the psychiatrist, who is the best person to help him catch a brutal female serial killer.

The Two Popes

Hopkins He has known how to grow in his career and take on characters and roles that fit each of the stages he is going through. In this movie by Netflix of 2019, Hopkins appears next to Jonathan Pryce, who helps him recreate a real encounter between the Pope Benedict XVI and the Pope Francisco, who meet to discuss the future of the Catholic Church from two very different perspectives, one traditional and the other progressive.

King Lear

This movie didn’t get as much noise as it deserved, but that just means you can watch it without so many outside opinions. King Lear, based on the work of Shakespeare, has as protagonists Hopkins, who a Lear in a current and almost dystopian context, Jim Carter, Emily Watson, Florence Pugh y Emma Thompson, who puts a modern twist on the classic and manages to create something poetic and interesting.

The Elephant Man

Hopkins, Anne Bancroft y John Hurt star in this 1980 film directed by David Lynch, who tells the story of a Victorian surgeon who rescues a deformed man from a life full of abuse that had been one of the attractions at a carnival. Behind a terrible appearance, the surgeon discovers an intelligent and sophisticated man, who once again shows that we should not be fooled by appearances.

Thor: Ragnarok

Anthony Hokpkins He is not the first actor that comes to mind when we think of superhero cinema, but not only did he have his moment in the genre, but he appeared in one of the best films of the world. MCU, Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi. Hopkins from life to Odin, father of Thor, and sadly this, apparently, was his last movie in the MCU (Although you have to remember that in the world of comics no one really dies).

Howard´s End

This film, based on the novel by E.M. Forster, vintage 1992 received rave reviews and three awards Oscar. Hopkins y Emma Thompson (one of his great collaborators) star in this film that explores the relationships of three different families at the beginning of the 20th century, divided by class differences, through great performances by a cast that also includes Helena Bonham Carter.

The Remains of the Day

Based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro (who also wrote Never Let Me Go, which was adapted into a movie with Carey Mulligan), The Remains of the Day is another period drama in which Hopkins and Thompson appear together. The story follows the butler of an English family at the beginning of World War II, who after years of work realizes that he really did not owe so much loyalty to the man he served. It is an emotional and silent film (not in the sense that it has no sound or a great soundtrack), but, as always, the actor does an exceptional job.


Not many remember this 1993 film directed by Richard Attenborough, but it’s time to change that. Here, Hopkins becomes the author of the books of Narnia, CS Lewis, and shows the relationship he had with an American fanatic, the poet Joy Gresham, who travels to England and begins a relationship with the author, giving rise to a love story that shows how one person can give meaning to another’s life in unexpected ways.

The Dresser

Also starring Ian McKellen, this 2015 film (written and directed by Richard Eyre) is based on a famous play about an older actor and his assistant, who in the 1940s helps him prepare to appear in a remake of King Lear, alternating moments of comedy and drama in an irresistible way.

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Anthony Hopkins and the incredible movies he starred in in his career

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