Anthony Hopkins outdid himself, remember he was a scared kid who didn’t speak

“I was clumsy, slow and not very bright,” laughs the actor

On his cell phone, Anthony Hopkins keeps a photograph of when he was four years old and he was a child who did not speak, being the precedent so that in school both teachers and classmates will make fun of him.

One day, his parents, one of them a baker, received a letter from the teachers in which they rated the little boy as someone with a low level in relation to others.

“At school I couldn’t understand anything, I couldn’t learn anything, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me,” he recalled this morning in the framework of the event. Mexico XXI century, organized by the Telmex Foundation.

That day, after the letter, he turned to his father and assured him that he would demonstrate his ability.

“I hope so,” he received in reply.

Something happened inside him, Hopkins recalled, and then good things began to fall: Four months later he got a scholarship to an acting school, after auditioning he still doesn’t know how he did it.

“I was clumsy, slow and not very bright,” he laughs.

A decade later, the Welshman was already part of the national theater company and had been hired for The Lion in Winter, acting alongside the film legend and one of those who had inspired him to continue on set, Peter O’Toole.

“I don’t know why I became an actor, I don’t know what I’m doing here, I just know that there is a power in you that you don’t even begin to understand at this age,” says the 83-year-old actor.

Like every successful young man, he lost ground: “You believe it is a great thing,” he recalled. So alcohol was a part of his life until, in the mid-1970s, a woman helped him by telling him to enjoy life and that all people are insignificant. That took a burden off him and set him free.

“Looking back, analyzing my bad behavior, I see that I hurt a lot of people, but I made amends. I’ve written to some over the years, some of them are dead now, but I look back and although I’m not proud, that’s how it was, ”he said slowly.

“I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I don’t know what the mystery of life is, I don’t know where I come from. The whole universe is a mystery, the galaxy is in my cats and dogs. I call it my higher consciousness and that has sustained me since that day, 45 years ago, ”he reflected.

Knight of the Order of the British Empire, winner of two Oscars for Best Actor for “The Silence of the Innocents” and “The Father”, Hopkins has a filmography of more than 140 works for the big screen.

Along with acting, which he now enjoys, he spends time at the piano and painting. Sometimes he writes things for himself that he does not intend to publish, but he does not rule out creating a book.

He regrets not having been better at sports or for languages, especially Spanish, because his wife is Colombian, but he also recognizes that he cannot pay attention to something academic for more than three days, because he immediately wants to return to his normal life .

He is not afraid to talk about old age, being a natural human process. But he chooses to keep reflecting on life and keeps himself busy now with two movies in the making.

But when fear or anxiety hits him, he turns on his phone and watches himself at age four, staring at the sand.

“I keep that photograph and look at it. I tell him that we did well to that scared little boy and that we survived. “

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Anthony Hopkins outdid himself, remember he was a scared kid who didn’t speak

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