Brian Cox criticizes Johnny Depp, Tarantino, Michael Caine or Steven Seagal in his memoirs

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Brian Cox is sincere … and leaves no puppet with a head. The veteran actor, who now triumphs playing the ruthless patriarch Logan Roy en ‘Succession’, has charged against several stars like Johnny Depp, Michael Caine, Steven Seagal O Quentin Tarantino in his new autobiography, ‘Putting the Rabbit in the Hat’, which has just been published in the United States.

The Scottish actor especially criticized Johnny Depp or, rather, his way of acting and his characters. The funny thing is that they have never met on the set. Nevertheless, Cox turned down a role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, which would have made the two of them work together for the first time.

Although I’m sure it’s very nice, it’s so over-the-top and it’s so overrated. Let’s see, ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’. Let’s face it, if you have hands like this and you’ve had makeup done to leave you completely pale and scarred, you don’t have to do anything else. So it was. Subsequently, he has done even less, “he wrote about the ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’ actor.

It is true that now Depp is in low hours for his lawsuit with Amber Heard, but what has surprised the public is the opinion he has of the cinema of Quentin Tarantino. “I consider your work bombastic. Everything is superficial. Pure script twists instead of depth. Style where there should be substance. I left the cinema when I saw ‘Pulp Fiction’“, share.

Of course, if I received a call from the director of ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in … Hollwood’, I would not hesitate to work with him. “That said, if the phone rang, it would, of course.“, writes.

They weren’t the only ones, Cox doesn’t seem to care much for Michel caine. “I wouldn’t say Michael was one of my favorites, but of course he’s Michael Caine. It is quite an institution. And being that will always be better than having a good acting level, “he says.


Nor does he have a good memory at all of Edward Norton, with whom he worked on “The Last Night” by Spike Lee. Cox considers that “he’s a nice guy, but a bit irritating because he imagines himself as a screenwriter and directorAnd he does not forget David Bowie, whom he describes as “a skinny and not a particularly good actor.”

Against whom he charges the hardest is with Steven Seagal, with whom he worked on ‘The Glimmer Man’. “It’s just as ridiculous off-camera as it is on screen. It seeks to convey a serenity that is highly studied, as if it were on a higher level than the rest. The truth is that it was on another level, but it is probably not a superior one, “he said.

Although it seems like a tough reckoning with fellow professionals, in your memoirs too has good words for Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman. Of the late Harry Potter actor, he said he was “one of the sweetest, kindest, likable, and incredibly intelligent men” she has ever met, while of Freeman he said he is “an absolute gentleman.”

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Brian Cox criticizes Johnny Depp, Tarantino, Michael Caine or Steven Seagal in his memoirs

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