Britney Spears teases Justin Timberlake and puts a stop to humiliation

Britney Spears is regaining her freedom and no longer plans to stop at anything. That is why now, through her Instagram account, she has dedicated herself to sending forceful messages to those who made her suffer in the past.

And although things are still complicated around her, the interpreter of Baby One More Time She is determined to seek happiness and live her way no matter what they say.

Now fans suspect that her latest post is a subtle mockery of Justin Timberlake, with whom she had one of the most iconic courtships in pop culture.

The singer published a video in which she refers to Cry Me a River, song that Timberlake released in 2003 and in which he made a clear reference to his breakup.

“Thoughts from making this video… Hmmmm, something looks familiar… .the hat…. Wait, I look like that girl from the Justin Timberlake video with that hat in Cry Me A River !!! Oh shit, it’s ME !!! I am Britney Spears ??? I guess I forget about that sometimes … Oh shit, I look like a doctor in this video too, though in the white coat … maybe I’M THE DOCTOR … I mean, who’s playing who ?? ? I mean my brother wears that kind of hat … but wait for the skirt … I haven’t worn a skirt forever !!! Am I Britney Spears ??? Psssss HMMM all this time ??? Play on my icons… play on !!!! ”the post reads.

— Instagram post @britneyspears

For context, after their breakup in 2002, Timberlake released the video Cry Me a River in which a girl with a great resemblance to Spears appears, including the style that characterized her at that time. in boot cut jeans, a blazer with flared sleeves and a beret. The look even has a haircut similar to that of the singer. In the story, the girl cheats on Timberlake and hence he cries bitterly for her.

This caused Britney in real life to be harassed and singled out by journalists who only wanted to put her as the villain. Of course she felt humiliated but could never stop until the documentary Framing Britney Spears of the New York Times came to light in early 2021.

The Princess of Pop and the former member of N * Sync met while participating in the television show Mickey Mouse Club. Both went on to be music superstars and in the nineties they became one of the most embattled couples. However, behind what everyone painted as the perfect relationship, there was great suffering for Britney Well, she was constantly questioned about whether she had lost her virginity to the singer. In turn, he made fun of her behind her back saying that he had had sex with her.

It should be noted that in 2006, four years after their breakup, Timberlake released What Goes Around … Comes Around, again hinting at Britney who was then publicly struggling with her second divorce and sobriety.

After knowing this side of the story, the fans did not forgive and during the opening week of the documentary, they flooded social networks with criticism of Timberlake.

After keeping silent, the singer was sincere and through a statement on his Instagram account he apologized for how he behaved with Britney and made it clear that if he never said anything it was out of ignorance and not knowing how to see beyond his white privilege and of man.

Britney also posted a message for her family, pointing out them for abandoning her when she was unwell.

Since she was little, the so-called Princess of Pop suffered a lot for the stormy marriage of his parents, which relied heavily on Jamie’s alcoholism. Far from being a refuge, her home was a constant battlefield that led her to be a introverted and scary girl, unsure of herself.

A few days ago, she shared an image of a woman floating in the water and wrote in the description: “If you are like my family who say things like ‘sorry, you are in a ward’… probably thinking that you are different so they can screw you !!!!” it reads in your post.

In July 2021, Britney wrote a note in which she blames her “closest” people for turning her back on her and admitted that she was referring to Jamie.

“Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped.” even before you had to ask. There is nothing worse than when the people closest to you who never showed up at your side post things about your situation, whatever it may be, and speak uprightly for support… there is nothing worse than that. “

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Britney Spears teases Justin Timberlake and puts a stop to humiliation

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