Dwayne Johnson showed part of his cute morning routine with his daughters

Although we are all used to seeing Dwayne Johnson Like a movie hunk and a rude man, when he leaves the set of filming and arrives at his house he becomes an adorable family man.

This is how he has shown it on several occasions through social networks, where he shares several photos and videos of the tender coexistence with his two young daughters, Jasmine, 6 years old, and Tia, of 3.

On this occasion, the actor known as ‘The Rock’ published a series of images in which you can see the morning routine he has with his princesses on weekends.

“Dad made Sunday morning breakfast for the two tornadoes,” Dwayne wrote alongside the snapshots, in which he can be seen alongside the two daughters he fathered with his wife. Lauren Hashian.

Later, the actor explained that his daughters were very entertained with a YouTube video of “the ‘evil monsters of the pond’, who apparently live in ponds behind the children’s houses.”

The Hollywood star added, “Jazzy (dressed as a unicorn) trying to assess how to track these pond creatures with strategy and stealth. While Tia (red superhero costume) changed those eyes and energy to … ‘Dear pond monster, if you get close to my family, you better send your soul to heaven.

Finally, the movie star commented, “Enjoy your Sunday with your families”, showing that during the weekends his daughters and his wife are the most important.

A weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson shared another video with which he revealed one of his little girls’ favorite games, and in which he becomes the victim.

“What could go wrong? My little tornado’s favorite game is ‘Dad, close your eyes and trust me,’ he wrote alongside the clip, where you can see the moment in which one of his daughters hits him while he has his eyes closed.

“I will pay the price every time I have laughter and giggles like this,” added the actor next to the video that, so far, has accumulated more than 17 million views and almost 30,000 comments.

Another example of the enormous affection she has for her daughters occurred in December, when Jasmine turned 6 years old, so ‘The Rock’ dedicated some sweet words to her along with a photo of father and daughter, as well as a video in the that the little girl paints her face with a marker.

“Happy birthday Jazzy. My baby turns 6 today. Strong, sweet, independent, happy, creative, confident, and most importantly, loving and kind. And with a wicked sense of humor. I wonder where he got that from? ”Dwayne wrote jokingly.

“I am proud of you, I have your back and, like your father, I will always be here to guide you through life with my heart and my hands. Have the best birthday, and I’ll fly home tonight after work to tuck you in, “added the actor.

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Dwayne Johnson showed part of his cute morning routine with his daughters

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