How to imitate Kourtney Kardashian’s rocker style

Kourtney Kardashian is known for many things: for being the sister of iconic phrases, for having very good taste in decoration, for being the creator of the ‘wellness’ and lifestyle website ‘Poosh’ and, of course, for her impeccable style when it comes to dressing. Of course, the older sister has a wonderful stylist, Dani Michelle, who helps her mark those super ‘looks’ so fashionable and wearable at the same time. Yes, we also love the way Kim, Kylie or Khloé dress, but Kourtney (with Kendall’s permission) is the one who would steal her wardrobe to wear on a day-to-day basis. There is no doubt that the businesswoman has gone through several phases on a stylistic level and the Kourtney Kardashian from before has nothing to do with the one from now, especially if we look at the outfits she’s been wearing since dating Travis Barker, He is now her fiancé. Just look at their latest photos together to realize that the drummer of Blink-182 has motivated the sister of the ‘klan’ to dress in a more rocker and ‘dark’ style. And the truth is, we are ‘living’ with their outfits.

It will be that it is autumn, it will be that the weather encourages us more to wear black, but the truth is that lately we have been looking at the photos of Kourtney before facing the closet. Its minimalist combination of colors, its commitment to textures and interesting fabrics such as leather and silk and its recent ‘blunt bob’ haircut are the perfect mix of trends to dress the latest this fall-winter at the same time as mark your own style. In fact, its recent aesthetic change has already been object of parodies in TikTok (we will not deny that we have laughed), thus proving that this phase of ‘Kourt’ is destined to be memorable. So if you like this new so much Kourtney Kardashian rock and roll style as much as we do, keep reading because we have all the clothes to recreate your photos of ‘looks’.


The raincoat for a daytime look

Sometimes it can be difficult to wear a black leather ‘total look’ by day, especially if it is a fitted top with a sexy miniskirt. For these occasions, it is best to add a casual trench coat or jacket that lowers the outfit and makes it suitable for shopping.


Skin-effect skinny mini dress


All in the most elegant black

If you have a date with your ‘bae’ or are going out to dinner with your friends, sign up for this ‘outfit’ by Kourtney. A satin top, wide leg suit pants and a long leather effect trench coat. Step on some high-heeled boots and add a small bag in another fabric. Thus, you will get an elegant and interesting set in which the fabrics make the difference between garments.


Black faux leather trench coat


The ‘wow’ effect dress

That’s what we all said at the MTV VMAs when we saw them arrive. Okay, Travis Barker’s suit with shoulder pads and spiked knees is pretty cool, but we’ve fallen in love with Kourtney’s leather effect mini dress. The cut is already ‘cool’ in itself, but what about that corset-like opening that reaches the navel? Pure fire.


Leather dress with tie and halter neck


The most sensual transparencies

See-through tops and mesh dresses have been a trend since fall of last year, but if you want to wear them Kourtney style, you’ll have to mix them with lingerie to create layered looks. A tank top, a bra, a sash-type mini skirt, a tulle overskirt … You will create the illusion of showing more than you really reveal.


Black mesh top with sleeves

Pretty Little Thing

16,80 €


The wildest print

Animal prints are usually worn a lot in the fall, but if you want to give it the Kourtney Kardashian rocker twist, go for the snake and dark-hued twist. Army green, combined with black and brown, add that ‘cool’ touch to your overshirt or jacket. It only remains to add some good platform boots like Naked Wolfe to have the same outfit as her.


Spice black platform boots


Red and lace

Like a modern Betty Boop doll, the eldest Kardahian strolled through Venice in a gorgeous black bustier and a dark red corset skirt with lace flowers. In this case, the rock point is put by the ‘mules’, which have spikes in the front, while her hair thrown back and her oval sunglasses accompany the retro aesthetic.


Red mini skirt with lace


The point of being at home

How does one dress to be comfortable at home without losing that punk vibe? Well, very easy, opting for clothes in black and letting the accessories give it the ‘rocker’ tone. In this case, Kourney has donned an ‘off the shoulder’ dress with front buttons, to which she has added a pin collar and high-top vinyl boots. Tip: When you’re done taking your picture, replace them with black furry slippers.


Ribbed cardigan dress

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How to imitate Kourtney Kardashian’s rocker style

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