Jesy Nelson’s sister asks people to stop harassing her on social media

The situation that involved Jesy Nelson, former member of the group Little Mix and their controversies ended up involving the singer’s family. The negative comments are so intense that your sister, Jade nelsonShe used her Instagram to ask them to stop harassing her.

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This all happened when 30-year-old Jesy was accused of blackfishing on her first single. “BOYZ” (term used to describe those who try to pass themselves off as blacks or appropriate their culture). The song was a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and the rapper came to her friend’s defense, but the situation was not looking good, especially after Leigh-Anne Pinnock, her former Little Mix colleague, was involved.

A few days after all this, Jesy’s sister made a request on her social networks:

“When bullies deliberately and openly set out to hurt someone, they never expect to get caught. So they try to get other people to do it for them. However, when exposed and the victim simply defends himself, the abuser quickly tries to turn the tables so that the victim takes the blame. That is what the aggressors do ”, he began.

She continues: “I was taught never to be intimidated by bullying, but to stand up for myself when I am hurt. My sister has been a victim of bullying throughout her career. The people who knew her best know to what extent bullying affects her. They must also be aware of the potential impact of this new wave of bullying conflicts. Is that really what you want to do? Please all of you, the media and everyone, stop, because you know your heart, your authenticity, your total acceptance of a critical nature, I know you know it ”, he adds.

Last week, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s name was in the eye of the storm for alleged text messages involving blackfishing in the “Boyz” music video, due to Jesy’s composition and behavior during the clip he shares with Minaj.

On social media and on an Instagram Live with Jesy, Nicki attacked Leigh-Anne and sparked controversy by defending Nelson against accusations of trying to impersonate a black person.

During her birthday party, the member of the British group gave an emotional speech to her guests, addressing the issue.

“I am 30 years old. I know my character, you know my character, anyone who knows me knows my character and that’s all that matters to me, ”Pinnock said with her husband, soccer player Andre Gray.

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Nicki Minaj did not like Leigh-Anne’s stance and was heavily criticized during a live with Jesy on Instagram. Where the “Anaconda” rapper called the girl group member a “clown”.

“I can name many other American singers who tan just as much as she does. Everyone is trying to find something ”, defended the rapper to her colleague.“ This person has to wear a big red clown nose because he is a clown, ”she snapped.

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Jesy Nelson’s sister asks people to stop harassing her on social media

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