Kendall Jenner knows how to update French manicure in the most ‘animal’ way

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    Yes for a lot purpurin that you are seeing everywhere you are not to put glitter on your nails, you are going to receive with open arms the Kendall Jenner’s new manicure. Well the celebrity, among so much festivity, it stands out from the flashes and the red colors, to enter in the animal universe, yes, an unexplored sphere of this wild world.

    Kendall has shared through her stories from Instagram the latest manicure that adorns your nails, through a simple image of your hand. It is a design that, once again, is committed to reinventing a classic of the nail art, the french manicure. Along these lines we had already seen other bets, such as the Christmas frosted frenchies, or the edge manicure. The member of the Kadashian clan gives an almond shape to the nail and recreates in the outer part the own pattern of the shell of the turtles, as she herself indicates in the text that accompanies the image: “Tortoise by @lisa_kon_”. In this same writing appears the name of the artist responsible for this design, a manicurist used to covering the nails of some other celebrities with her polishes. In fact, Lisa Kon is also the creator of the star manicure Kendall wore last year.

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    The artist has also shared several photos of this work on her Instagram account and has given some more details about it. “To celebrate Christmas this year, Kendall has opted for a French manicure with tip turtle. “To which he adds:” This nail design it was a perfect match for her black dress astonishingly dramatic of Carolina Herrera, which is stretched to reveal her hourglass figure and then spread at her feet. “

    If you want to replicate the manicure of the celebrity, Lisa Kon also explains the exact shades of your own brand that he has used to design it: for the stamping he has mixed # lk053 coffee color, #lk027 black, #lk481 beach mood, #lk494 mustard yellow, and for the base “your favorite ever”, it indicates: # lkbuildergel07. To create the design with precision, the manicurist indicates that she has used the # lkbrushn4650 and # lkbrushn9845 brushes.

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    It is nail art does nothing more than confirm that the trend sets the reinvention of the French manicure as a long-term trend. In fact, this new bet bears great similarity, since it shares a pattern with the French manicure. with a zebra design that premiered in early 2021. The only difference is that last year the tips of the nails were painted with black and white stripes to mimic the fur of the zebra.

    Everything indicates that the next 2022 will continue to bet on designs that leave a large part of the nail natural, or even, in its natural tone covered by a transparent enamel, to protect it. This trend is adorned with small details such as the decorated edges of the French or some tiny drawing glued to the cuticle area. To find the one that best suits your style you can dive through Pinterest or the walls of celebrities like Kendall.

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Kendall Jenner knows how to update French manicure in the most ‘animal’ way

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