La Nación / Adele shared funny bloopers from her video “Easy On Me”

Adele is now happiness and looks spectacular, in addition to singing again. Princess Mako of Japan finally gets married on the 26th and leaves everything for love. Zendaya and Chalamet are the new “kings” of Hollywood. Angelina went with her children to the premiere and Salma took Valentina. The Gates at their daughter’s wedding to an Egyptian horseman who was the epitome of good taste.

Everyone talks about his shocking change in physique, without losing the curves. She says that she lost more than 30 kilos on a balanced diet, but that she became, above all, an exercise fan who works out at least 2 to 3 times a day. Weights, cardio and Pilates. She became “addicted” to exercise to stop being so to a relationship with her now ex-husband Simón in which she felt unhappy, sad and depressed.

After several years in these tasks, he separated, fought for the money he demanded and to take care of his son Angelo, whom he apologizes for having taken him from Great Britain to live in Los Angeles in search of more “sun, green and light ”to keep him away from the gray and wants him to understand that the separation was for his good even though it may not seem like it and he has had to pay her ex-husband a fortune he does not regret. He also looked for the light in his throat and now it is world news because he released “Easy on Me” the first single in 6 long years of absence and broke all the Spotify record with almost 20 million reproductions in one day.

Now, she smiles from the covers of British and US Vogue dressed in Haute Couture and splendid for her relationship with NBA player businessman Rich Paul, with whom she says she smiled again. “I know what I want and I really know what I don’t want. I love being around him, ”she said in Vogue. On November 19 will go on sale his new album “30” inspired by his divorce and is expected to be a commercial success as were his previous albums “21” and “25”. Critics have acknowledged that Adele’s voice has surely never sounded better. Some have compared Easy on Me to Hometown Glory, the standout piano ballad from her 2008 debut album “219,” and it’s clear that Adele’s voice is only getting more confident and mature.


The beautiful princess of Japan, Mako, who turned 30 yesterday, daughter of the crown prince Akishino and who has visited Paraguay for some time, now finds herself at the gates of the beginning of her own love story that may well be the subject of a Netflix series, about all the obstacles she has had to overcome to get married the day after tomorrow, October 26, in a “non-traditional” ceremony because in order to marry her boyfriend for quite some years, Kei Komuro (30) with who has been reunited in Japan after two years without seeing each other.

The young man is a lawyer with whom he has crossed the turbulent sea of ​​family rejection and the rigidity of a royal house that, unlike others, remains inflexible in the modern era. Akishino is heir to the throne, since the current one, his brother Naruhito, has not had male children and his wife, the now Empress Masako, a brilliant and professional woman, after being the mother of a girl and due to pressures considered “too harsh” of the Court, has been plunged into a decades-long depression with ups and downs. Mako decided to break with everything to save her right to live a normal life and has been forced to renounce her royal highness status, her annual money and her jewels. She has also chosen to move to the United States with her husband who works as a lawyer there.

The fight has been long and difficult against that inflexible machinery of the Court that has cost the mental health of the current empress and even the other princesses of the royal family. Mako has decided and leaves behind an impeccable image of having contributed with professionalism and dedication to her commitments as part of that family. The magazine Hola, which collects the news of the monarchies, reports that the princess has received with great joy, at the beginning of October, the decoration of the Government of Paraguay of the Extraordinary Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit for her involvement and her visits for the smooth running of relations between the country of the rising sun and the South American. A touch of recognition before your departure. I hope they are happy, that’s what those who love her think and say.

One of the premieres that attracts attention is the film “Dune”, which has managed to unite the talents of two young and attractive actors Zendaya and Timotheé Chalamet. A month after its premiere in Europe, the first steps were taken in the United States and last Friday it was released in theaters and after all the upheavals caused by the pandemic and especially by the leak of a pirated copy and the premiere, a day before hitting theaters, on the HBO Max platform. Two protagonists appeared looking splendid on the red carpet. Zendaya and Timothé represent the new generation of young artists and are also among the most cited when it comes to highlighting looks and style. Timotheé has worked on “Call Me By Your Name” and “Little Women”, while Zendaya was an acrobat on “The Greatest Showman” and now plays Mary Jane in the “Spiderman” movies. The two have posed for magazine covers, photo shoots and other spaces related to fashion and film. She is a constant presence at Fashion Weeks in Europe and also in the US. The film shows a future of humanity and the struggle for survival between humans and other inhabitants of the Universe. Meanwhile, they pose on every red carpet wearing styles from great designers. New kings of Hollywood?

The premiere of “Eternals,” the superhero movie based on the Marvel comic of the same name, set for world premiere on November 5, starring Angelina Jolie with Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Don Lee, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and Lauren Ridloff, became a “family outing.”

Five of her six Angelina children posed with her, dressed by Oscar Gtres in an olive green suit, draped with golden accessories, shoes, bracelets, earrings and a golden metallic detail that shone on her lips and loose hair, powerful cat eyes. Maddox (20) in black and with sports shoes; Zahara (16), who happily wore the Elie Saab dress that her mother wore at the 2014 Oscars; Shiloh (15), in an irregular tan dress and 13 Vivienne twins, in a short boho dress and Knox, in dark.

The only thing missing was Pax who couldn’t go due to study commitments. Who did the same? Salma Hayek, who came accompanied by her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault, almost a fashion star, and a young lady dressed by one of the many firms that her father Bernard Pinault owns: Gucci, etc. etc.

It could be defined as the great wedding of the year and the display of good taste and care by the almost 300 guests to avoid the contagion of covid were memorable. This is how the wedding of Jennifer Gates, the eldest of Bill and Melinda’s three children, Gates, was defined in all the world’s media, who shared the wedding of their first-born daughter and published – each one separately – the images with emotional messages. In the spectacular estate of the bride, in North Salem, New York state, a gift from her parents in 2018 to Jennifer for the breeding and training of her numerous horses, the wedding was held that those present described as the summum of good taste . Jennifer, who is a biologist and studies medicine, met her current husband Nayel Nassar at Stanford, where he was studying economics and she was studying biology. He is an Olympic rider and they share that passion that she also carries since she was a child along with her studies now in her second career at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

Nayel, who grew up in Kuwait, participated in the last Tokyo Olympics representing Egypt. In addition, he has a horse training and sales business in San Diego. To celebrate the double ceremony, Muslim and civil in the magnificent, Jennifer wore a model of Vera Wang, the typical North American bridal house, of lace with long sleeves and long veil and another design for the after party and dance in ivory tone of the same designer. Melinda, the mother of the bride, wore a suit in burgundy tones. The deco was in charge of the best organizers. Glazed pavilions were built for the guests and the food was served with Gallucci’s from che Fleischman and the cake from the Ladurée house in Paris, the most top, and all the paths and spaces were also flooded with flowers. To liven up the party, the band Coldplay and other renowned musicians performed live. The entire staging was in charge of the famous weddin planner Marcy Blum.

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La Nación / Adele shared funny bloopers from her video “Easy On Me”

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