New Anthony Hopkins film to premiere as NFT

One of the heavy hitters in the history of cinema comes to the world of NFTs. The new film by actor Anthony Hopkins, titled Zero Contact, will be released in this collectible format.

The film, produced by Enderby Entertainment, will premiere on the NFT VUELE platform, belonging to the producer itself and the CurrencyWorks company, explained the latter through a Press release published this Wednesday, July 7.

The company refers to VUELE as “the first distribution and viewing platform to offer feature films and digital collectible entertainment content as direct-to-consumer NFT.”

Additionally, they state that users of their platform “will be able to become owners of exclusive limited edition films and collectible NFT content that they can see, collect, sell and exchange on«.

CurrencyWorks owns 51% ownership of VUELE, while producer Enderby Entertainment has the remaining 49%. This shows a high interest from the entertainment company in the world of NFTs.

Distribution will begin in August. Zero Contact will be distributed in VUELE in the format of collectible tokens, and will include special material, in addition to the film, although those extra materials are yet to be defined.

Rick Dugdale, director of the film and producer at Enderby, said that the way this film is distributed can guarantee a shortage of copies. Thus, it “protects against piracy,” added Dugdale, interviewed by Deadline.

In the same interview, the producer assured that everything has been out of the ordinary with Zero Contact. The film was shot in the middle of the pandemic, in 17 countries and in conditions that Dugdale defined as unusual.

Everything about this movie is unconventional, from the way we shot it with Zoom and remote production, to its distribution. […] we said ‘[VUELE] It could be a new platform, let’s take a chance and do it with our own film.

Rick Dugdale, director and producer of Enderby.

Zero Contact It will be distributed as NFT in FLIGHT. Source:

NFT sale surpasses $ 2.5 billion this year

NFT trading has revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry in recent months. From this moment that digital collectibles live in blockchains, the diversity of actors who have entered this world is affected. From sports to video games, through the most traditional art, there are many areas that are gaining presence in the NFT markets.

Furthermore, trading volumes are rising more and more. As CriptoNoticias reported earlier this week, during the first half of 2021 more than 2,500 million dollars were moved in NFT.

The figure represents a remarkable growth, since during the first half of the previous year only about 13.5 million dollars were sold. In the second half of 2020, there was an increase to $ 80 million, still well below current volumes.

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New Anthony Hopkins film to premiere as NFT

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