Rihanna forgives her father by withdrawing the complaint for scam

A somewhat similar case with Britney Spears, facing her father for taking advantage of how much she earns singing, has happened to her colleague Rihanna, one of the divas of urban pop. On September 23, the hearing was set after the accusation against his father, to prove that he had seized a respectable amount, fifteen million dollars. But has withdrawn the complaint, which does not mean that it will recover such a high figure; money that Rihanna was claiming for the damage caused.

Turns out that Ronald Fenty, which is the name of the accused in principle, presides over a company, from which he signed contracts for his daughter to sing in certain stages. Rihanna was completely oblivious to those commitments. Until he found out that, in his name, used it to pocket what was strictly for her, in case of performing in various places in Los Angeles. There were no such concerts, but in advance the vivales of Mr. Fenty collected the fifteen million dollars that we mentioned at the beginning. An ugly affair that Rihanna has chosen to forget, forgiving her father of intolerable abuse and misappropriation.

This judicial procedure has not been the only incident of the cheeky father of the pop diva. Taking advantage of his daughter’s fame, he wanted to build a hotel shed, using her money. Rihanna had long had a trademark registered, which is the one the father used to operate without the permission of his trusting daughter. After she appeared in the United States patent office, it was clarified that the father, nor anyone else, could make the registration of his property his to do business at the expense of Rihanna. That’s what we’ve known, because who knows if Ronald Fenty wasn’t cheating on her for a long time.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty He was born thirty-three years ago in a humble neighborhood in the Barbados Islands. He lived through the storm that arose between his parents, who they broke up because Mr. Fenty got drunk every day. And when possible, he turned purple with cocaine. In this environment, the future pop star grew up, who in 2004 won a beauty contest, which served as a springboard to make herself known in the musical world. His first record, Good Girl Gone Bad, which appeared a year earlier, has already served her to be considered a sex symbol. The lyrics of his songs were daring. His music always fluctuated between the rhythms of pop, reggae, hip hop, techno, new age, r & b, fusing with them Caribbean music.

The staging of her songs were based on a very daring display of clothing, which she always designed herself; dresses in which Rihanna prided herself on being a fashion forward. Her sensuality is present from her earliest times to the present. That is why some critics have compared her to Beyoncé, another sexy symbol, although Rihanna, praising her competitor’s style, declares that they are different. To reaffirm it, he continually changes his image. Provocative at all times.

If as a singer she has managed to rise to the throne of the most sought-after singers, based especially on her success Umbrella, in business outside of music has proven to be a successful entrepreneur. She has a clothing, lingerie, and cosmetics and skincare line that has paid her high dividends. With makeup products that are marketed in many countries, including Spain, of course. Such have been the sales that Rihanna has allowed herself to be absent from the recording studios and galas for five years. Magazine Forbes places it between the richest singers in the united states. A multimillionaire especially for that aforementioned company, she is estimated to have a net worth of one thousand four hundred million dollars. This explains why I can maintain two fabulous flats, one in Los Angeles and one in London.

Rihanna and her current partner. A $ ap Rocky

A spectacular beauty like yours presupposes that you have had endless suitors. The first boyfriend was called Negus Sealy. Rihanna was only twenty years old. From then on, artists of color like her raffled it off. The best known, Chris Brown, rapper, became her damn love. They fought continuously to the point that he beat her up. Once it crossed his face until it caused serious injuries, breaking his nose. It was when Rihanna denounced him, the police intervened, they took the abuser to jail and a judge sentenced him to five years of probation. RiRi, as she is called familiarly, she remembered how her father mistreated her mother like that, abusing her.

Rihanna had other lovers, like the rapper Drake; Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore’s ex; athlete Matt Kemp; the pilot Lewis Hamilton … She was also related to Leonardo DiCaprio for a few months, but it is already known that the blond heartthrob does not commit much to the beauties he knows. In 2015 Rihanna lived an affair with the footballer Karim Benzema, whom she followed when he played for the French national team, scorer in recent seasons at Real Madrid. Another of her boyfriends was the Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, between the years 2028 and 2019. His most recent partner is another rapper, A$ap Rocky, whom he met eight years ago, but did not date regularly until six months ago. “It is the love of my life”, has confessed Rihanna. We’ll see how long that passion lasts …

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Rihanna forgives her father by withdrawing the complaint for scam

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