Secret Invasion: Emilia Clarke explains why she joined the new Marvel series

Emilia Clarke has commented on his motives when joining, again, a great television production after Game of Thrones. The actress, who embodies Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO adaptation, being one of the great protagonists of Secret Invasion, the ambitious production of Marvel Studios for Disney+. The series mark the return of Nick Fury and Talos the Skrull, who already collaborated for the first time on Captain Marvel, on a risky mission to prevent an alien invasion of Earth that has been brewing for decades ScreenRant).

Emilia Clarke is excited to be part of the Marvel universe

At the end of last year Secret Invasion is announced in the mouth of Kevin Feige, the ultimate architect of this multi-million dollar universe, as one of many Marvel titles planned to Disney+, a massive event that will have plot implications in future Marvel Studios projects. The series count on Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Mendelsohn play Skrull Talos as they already did in the movie Captain Marvel, tape in which we were introduced to this extraterrestrial race. Over the last few weeks, the series has been confirming Olivia Colman and other great actors and actresses, like her own Emilia Clarke, who will play a leading role in the series. Along with them, and this is confirmed almost one hundred percent, is that Kingsley Ben-Adir I will act as the villain of the show. We are talking about a very solid story, an event in comics, which already has its directors confirmed.

Now it is Emilia Clarke who explains, a new interview with Comic Book, in which he promotes his comic developed together with Image Comics, MOM: Mother of Madness, the reasons why she decided to join the Marvel series, explaining that she is impressed with what Marvel Studios is doing at the moment and with their future plans. “I think what they’re doing right now is so exciting and cool, and that’s why they are at the forefront.”, adds Emilia, who thinks that joint production and narrative in film and television is the future for these great sagas and stories. “I really feel like they’re like the Apple of the movie world.”he admits. “Also, being part of this family is something that reminds me that I am part of the group of popular children from school, it makes me feel guay. In any case, and honestly speaking, I join in because the people who are doing this have a lot of talent. I think everyone’s heart and head are in the right place with this one, “he concludes.

Being in Marvel I feel like I’m with the popular kids from school.

The plot details for this adaptation of Secret Invasion in particular they are scarce at the momentBut Clarke’s role has been speculated to be of vital importance in the story, and for weeks now, it has been said to embody Anchored O Abigail Brand of SWORD Generally speaking, in Secret InvasionWe will see how Fury is working closely with the Skrulls to help protect them and Earth itself from the alien threats to come in the future. When it seems that both races collaborate clearly for a common morning, the truth is uncovered: a rogue group of these camelenic aliens working on our planet seems to have infiltrated between different governments, organizations and groups of superheroes, adopting multiple identities, assimilating the DNA of many characters and wreaking havoc left and right without anyone knowing. Heroes will react when it is too late: who to trust?

Secret Invasion It does not have an official release date, but it will arrive exclusively through Disney +.

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Secret Invasion: Emilia Clarke explains why she joined the new Marvel series

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