The problem that Rihanna hasn’t sung about for 5 years

After becoming an icon and global phenomenon for songs like Umbrella, Disturbia, We Found Love, Diamonds Y Work, Rihanna remains on the sidelines of music. Millions of followers around the world, success and vast recognition in the music industry, that is the summary of the singer’s career. His return to the music scene has been a long wait for everyone, a fact that has not yet been planned. And, after so much speculation, now we know the problem why the artist has not sung for 5 years. The surprise is great, who would say.

The musical career of Rihanna started in 2005, with his song Pon de Replay. This topic reached the ears of Jay-Z (who had recently become president of Def Jam) and quickly loved it. After some auditions and live performances, the debut album came out. Music of the Sun it was positioned in the most prominent music charts around the world. The current reality is that, beyond achieving the title of Princess of R&B, she is one of the most influential musical personalities of the century.

His music was characterized by being a mixture of Caribbean rhythms and pop, which is why it became a great innovation. Jointly, The explicit and catchy lyrics, the sultry dance and the powerful mezzo-soprano voice made RiRi one of the best ever.

In 2016 the Caribbean singer paused that great dream to dedicate herself to other endeavors. His eighth and final studio album, so far, is Anti. Throughout the 5 years that have elapsed, the businesswoman has flirted with the idea of ​​returning to the stage. Now we know why he has not returned.


Rihanna in concert

The reason Rihanna retired from music

Rihanna’s networks are flooded with comments from her followers, who insist and ask for new material. However, that is not within the plans of the aforementioned. And is that The reason why he does not continue with his musical career is none other than his multiple projects, which occupy him a large part of his time.

Among them, his cosmetics company Fenty Beauty, Fenty y Fenty Skin. It was recently revealed that the actress and dancer’s fashion line in conjunction with LVMH will be on a temporary hiatus. Even so, the Rude Boy singer will continue with the same line of endeavors.

Rihanna Fenty

Fenty Corp. works great

You have given some arguments in this regard. Among the most outstanding he has done, the following is cited: “I’m always busy and the quarantine gave me time to do things that I couldn’t always have done.”.

So one of his most recent works is a cookbook. It will be made up of the recipes of Caribbean origin that A $ AP Rocky’s girlfriend likes the most. At the same time, a line of culinary utensils is being proposed. Added to that, is The Rihanna Book: Queen Size, an exclusive book of images and content related to the art of music, fashion and photography.

Definitely, Rihanna’s schedule is full. However, there are those who hope that he will sing again and give a song as a gift this year. Anything can happen!

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The problem that Rihanna hasn’t sung about for 5 years

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