Turn-of-the-century luxury: The photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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The fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back together after a 17-year hiatus is no joke. Last May, there were those who said that their new courtship had more to do with a hobby with friends or a trolleo epic that caught on with that nostalgia-hungry American audience. It all happened in Montana. The place chosen by the, once again, established fashion couple to spend a few days on vacation. And since then the case Bennifer, As the actor and singer were nicknamed in the early 2000s, it already adds up some of the best and most romantic snapshots of this pair of lovebirds that have us hooked on every appearance they make together. From your walks through the city, your shopping afternoons or the spectacular appearances on the red carpet; The fashionable couple has not missed any occasion to show that they are wasting style (in fact, you will even see them combined when it comes to dressing).

Life, romance and the Venice Film Festival have conspired to show us, for example, how in love they are. It seems that version 2.0 of this courtship is going from strength to strength and under full sail … aboard those vaporettos that cross the city of canals. The realization that this sequel to Bennifer 1.0 is creating more buzz than expected. Something that shows us that, after 20 years and after having survived a pandemic, there is something that never changes: seeing how Affleck and Lopez walk their love almost 20 years later in the same way they did then. Below you will find an extensive photo gallery as proof of their love, their complicity and their style, which has evolved to make them a power couple in cinema, music and now also in fashion. And if it is not enough to look at Ben Affleck’s looks, which are becoming more sophisticated and elegant. So, we do a review of their romance, the current one and the one from the early 2000s. Who said that the second parts were never good? Here are the photos that in the case of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, they are even better.

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Continuing with the line of “couple who walk together as if they were not the couple of the year”, we can see that both continue to coordinate their outfits in a way that seems almost casual. In this case, Affleck’s camel three-quarter coat matches the singer’s scarf and sweater, while his blue shirt is a nod to the singer. look by Jennifer Lopez.

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Bennifer’s new era of red carpets is seriously competing with the old one, especially since Affleck has jumped on the bandwagon of men who stand out from black. In this photo, we can see him wearing a purple velvet suit, which combines very well with JLo’s outfit.

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There are days when, believe it or not, couples do normal couple things, like shopping for sunglasses. We love how both are combined in shades of gray and sand, coincidence or not?

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There are those that improve over the years, like good wine. Even the second delivery of their relationship serves as an excuse to verify that love can happen again 20 years later. Is this the sweetest version of Bennifer? Judging by the forum and the setting (the city of Venice), there is no room for more love in a vaporetto.

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Facial hair Ouch! Lopez and Affleck watched the New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox during Game 3 of the 2003 American League Championship Series on October 11 at Fenway Park.

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Same match. The same knob.

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The couple held hands on the set of a Lopez music video on October 20, 2002, in Beverly Hills.

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Remember the Juicy Couture bootcut jeans and velvet tracksuit? I hope you didn’t throw yours away.

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Dining at the Ivy in Los Angeles in 2002.

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At the Los Angeles premiere of his disastrous movie, Gigli, in July 2003. At least they both look happy.

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On the set of Bennifer’s forgotten movie, Jersey Girl, directed by Kevin Smith, in New York in 2002. The film was released two years later, after the couple separated.

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Kisses on the set of Jersey Girl.

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The couple arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of Affleck’s 2003 superhero film, Daredevil.

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Same premiere. What a cute couple!

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Lopez and Affleck attend the 75th Annual Academy Awards on March 23, 2003 in Hollywood.

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More kisses on the set of Jersey Girl.

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On the court to watch the Lakers-Spurs at the Staples Center in May 2003.

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Lopez and Affleck arrive at the world premiere of It happened in Manhattan at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York on December 8, 2002.

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The goatee! The fisherman’s hat! We want it back! Bennifer was leaving her midtown Manhattan hotel on December 12, 2003 to do some Christmas shopping.

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Leaving a video store (!) After renting DVDs (!) In Vancouver in June 2003.

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Go out for a walk in Vancouver. This is the summer roll we want in 2021.

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Going carefree to the premiere of Gigli.

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Lopez and Affleck attend the Anaheim Angels’ game against the Boston Red Sox on April 27, 2003, at Edison Field in Anaheim.

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Laughing on the set of Jersey Girl, and Central Park.

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López and Affleck signing autographs in Paris on April 8, 2003.

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More kisses on the set of Jersey Girl.

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Turn-of-the-century luxury: The photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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