chaos due to lack of sleep takes over the Netflix screen

The term dysomnia brings together all sleep-related disorders and is also the name of the new film that comes to Netflix, joining other feature films that focus on problems derived from bad sleep, such as Insomnia and The Machinist.

An original bet of the platform directed by Canadian Mark Raso (Kodachrome), who also wrote the script with his brother Joseph, inspired by an original idea by Gregory Poirier that emerged after wondering what if nobody could sleep.

This gave life to a story that stars Jill (Gina rodriguez), an army veteran, widowed and in drug addiction rehab, who works as a guard in a university laboratory located in a small town in the United States.

Which goes to look for her children at the house of her paternal grandmother, who is called Doris (Frances Fisher) and has custody of her grandchildren, to spend that day with them.

But when Jill takes little Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt) and teenage Noah (Lucius Hoyos) in her car, it begins to fail as does everyone around her.

Disomnia | Netflix

Which causes their car to be crashed and they sink into a lake, receiving help from the local sheriff. The same one who after rescuing Matilda explains to them that there is no longer electricity anywhere, which then adds to the fall of the satellites that orbit the Earth.

But something more unusual affects people: no one can sleep. Or almost no one, since little Matilde can fall asleep, which causes the faithful of the church that her grandmother attends to see the girl as the one for her salvation.

The dangers of lack of sleep

Disomnia | Netflix

However, they are not the only ones who have a behavior change due to lack of sleep. As a specialist explains, after 48 hours without sleep, the disorientation, for five to six days to have hallucinations, finally reaching stage three: hysteria.

All of which leads to Jill and her children witnessing the chaos and violence that arises among the population. Before this Matilda becomes the last possibility to find a cure to avoid the destruction of humanity, so her mother agrees to be investigated.

And it is when they go to the science center run by Dr. Murphy (Jennifer Jason Leigh), an old acquaintance of Jill, that the mother, her children and an inmate they met along the way, they must overcome different dangers, especially their own physical and mental deterioration.

Everything that happens throughout an hour and a half of the footage of Disomnia, where the action and risks never stop, so the movie has an unstoppable rhythm that maintains attention at all times. Although some passages of his script are something of more.

Like when little Matilde asks her brother if he had sex with his old girlfriend (?!), While the world is collapsing around her, or Jill insists that her daughter learn to use a weapon, before the look more than scared of the girl.

In addition to having first-rate actors and actresses, such as Jennifer Jason Leigh, Frances Fisher y Barry Pepper in roles that are too limited. Although finally Disomnia fulfills its main goal: to capture the viewer’s attention for 96 minutes.

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chaos due to lack of sleep takes over the Netflix screen