‘Chicago PD’: police hits and misses in season 8

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Interview with actress Nicole Ari Parker, who joins the cast of ‘Chicago PD’, a police drama that is part of the trilogy made up of the series ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Chicago Fire’.

Nicole Ari Parker is Samantha Miller in the new season of Chicago PD. Image provided by Universal Latam

The Chicago Police Department’s 21st District Intelligence Unit has returned to television. With its eighth season, Chicago PD, the drama created by Dick Wolf, the same from the Law and order, joins the series that in the last year have included the covid-19 pandemic in their plots.

This is how in this new installment we will see uniformed patrol agents investigating and pursuing the perpetrators of the main street crimes in the city, while dealing with the crisis that unleashed the coronavirus pandemic. Likewise, the plot will focus on the need for change within the police department, since some of the uniformed men are not the most correct.

Among the novelties of this season is the association of American actress Nicole Ari Parker as Samantha Miller, who after a 25-year career in the police force has become deputy superintendent of the 21st District Intelligence Unit. We speak exclusively with Nicole about her character, the challenges of this interpretation and the approach to issues such as the abuse of authority in the streets.

Do you think Samantha Miller came to ‘Chicago PD’ to revolutionize the team?

Nicole Parker: It’s a great cast, they’re in season eight, I love the show and I’m honored to be a part of it. castIt’s a wonderful group of actors and history is very important, especially at the moment because of what is happening in the country, so yes, Samantha came to revolutionize the team.

Do you think Samantha Miller is Hank’s antagonist?

N.P: Hank represents the police here who are governed by the rules. He belongs to a group of white men in a city where there is a predominance of African Americans, and the whites are a united group, but my character is “the boss”, so of course there is some friction between the two of them, but Samantha was a a policeman who simply rose to power, so she is part of the union, therefore, she knows how to talk and negotiate with him, and she also has compassion for the police who patrol the streets, because she knows what that is like. But of course they are antagonists who must work together.

Do you think that ‘Chicago PD’ gives a deeper insight into the real life of police officers?

N.P: Of course they have, especially in the last three seasons the writers have written true stories that show the criminal environment, the different ways in which the police approach crime and their personal lives. It is a guild that is exposed to interpretations and that on certain occasions make bad decisions, the writers of the series are writing about those moments where the police make mistakes and it is very powerful because this is what is happening now in the country.

What is the biggest challenge Samantha Miller represents for you?

N.P: The main challenge is to live up to the women in real life who are like my character. In the United States, there are African-American women who are deputy superintendents in large cities across the country. That is why I must see myself as a police officer with 25 years of experience. They give me a lot of dialogue and it has to look natural, as well as being strong, smart and powerful.

What does this season bring new compared to the other installments of ‘Chicago PD’?

N.P: In this new season, the psychology of the police will be addressed more, it will focus more on the humanity of the characters, what is fair and what the promise to protect and serve society means, which is ultimately what it is for. that these people have been trained. Likewise, it deals with what is happening in the world and in the United States among the people, the community and the police. I am blessed to tell the story of how reforms and changes should be made. On Chicago P.D. We want to show that things need to change inside and out, and it’s not going to be perfect, I’m only one character in a season, but the show is trying to examine how we can do better as a society.

Chicago PD It can be seen every Monday at 10:40 pm on the Universal TV Channel.


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‘Chicago PD’: police hits and misses in season 8