Chrissy Metz: overcoming a “body positive” star

Chrissy Metz

“I have met women of all kinds: average women, older women, teenagers … who tell me: ‘Your role in’ This is Us ‘has changed my life’ … And that makes all the struggle worthwhile the sorrow”.

These are statements by Chrissy Metz, followed by more than a million people (1.3 to be exact) on Instagram, for TVLine. Singer and actress, she is the protagonist of the hit series “This is Us” that in 2019 achieved five Emmy nominations, she has also enjoyed starring in the film “Breakthrough”.

A story that covers the problems faced by a woman who wants to fight against weight problems, prejudices and canons, and difficulties in eating. Plot that actress and character share and that has positioned Chrissy as a true “influencer” of the “Body Positive” movement.


Born on September 29, 1980 in Homestead, Florida (United States), Christine Michelle Metz spent much of her childhood in Japan, where her family (father, mother, and an older sister and brother) moved when she was six months old. , due to a transfer of the head of the family to a naval base in that country.

However, after their parents’ divorce, their mother and children returned to Florida. And so a second marriage from her mother gave Chrissy two more sisters.

As he told Yahoo Finance’s “My Three Cents”, he had a first job at McDonald’s as a young man so he could buy $ 120 sneakers, but he is grateful for everything he learned in that job and the treatment of his boss.

Far from starting an early acting career, she began working as a preschool teacher after finishing college. And it was a stroke of fate that he took his first steps towards the artistic world.

Chrissy was actually accompanying her skinny 14-year-old sister, who wanted to be a model, to audition at a scouting event in Gainesville.

But, as the artist had developed an affinity with singing during high school, she dared to sing “Beautiful”, the song by Christina Aguilera, at the audition, attracting the attention of one of the agents present, who advised her to move to Los Angels At that time, the future actress was 22 years old.

Thus, the young woman spent years, not only acting as an assistant to her agent, but also auditioning for different jobs. And he got his first roles in series like “My name is Earl”, “All of Us” and “Huge”; as well as in a couple of films, “Loveless in Los Angeles” (2007) and “The Onion Movie” (2008).

In between, she married British writer Martyn Eaden in 2008, from whom she separated in 2013 to end up divorcing in 2015. Shortly before, between 2014 and 2015, she had one of her first relevant roles in the hit series “American Horror Story: Freak Show “.


When in 2016, at the age of 35, Chrissy saw her chances in the acting world very difficult, she thought of throwing in the towel and returning to Florida … But then, the opportunity came that has made her the star she is now: it was chosen to play Kate, the main character in the series “This is Us”.

A work that has earned Metz two Golden Globes and one Emmy nominations. The series, due to its success, already has four seasons. Its plot focuses on the lives of three large brothers, so the character and actress share a large part of the experiences.

Also, it was on the set that Chrissy found another of her best-known romances, Josh Stancil, a camera operator on set. But, in March 2018, during an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” the actress confirmed that they had separated.

That same year, another of the films in which he has worked was released: “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”, and he published his autobigoraphy “This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today”.

In the spring of 2019 he starred in the film “Breakthroug”. In the meantime, he has continued to work on the series and reap the rewards of his struggle.

Because both Kate and Chrissy, on and off the screen, share that fight against weight and eating problems. And, as he said on TVLine, his contract with NBC required him, by script, to lose weight in real life as well as in the series.

“It was a double victory for me,” the actress confessed, and explained why: “It’s one thing to try to do something on my own … But human beings, for ego reasons, it’s easier for us to do it before for someone else. “.

Of course, he made something clear: “to lose weight or not, is merely an option of mine, which I choose for my health, and not because I consider that voluptuous and large bodies are not attractive: I think they are, they are incredibly sexy.”

A clear defender of “body positive”, Chrissy also wanted to make it clear that “leading a healthy life does not mean that you cannot have an unconventional body size,” according to Sharon Waxman, editor of The Wrap, during the last WrapWomen’s Power Women.

Ultimately, for her “there are many ways to fight and it is important for each individual to determine what makes them happy and how to get there.”

A positive message of acceptance and improvement that Chrissy is transmitting on and off the screen where she continues to shine.


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Chrissy Metz: overcoming a “body positive” star